Rebecca Prunty


It is remarkable to note that the Giant Clam weighs as much as a gorilla. These hard shelled aquatic animals have a very odd appearance, diet, and life cycle. Its hard to believe but, a Giant Clam can grow so big because they eat sugar and protein just like us!


These mini sea mouths have a wide diet, variety of colors, and a gigantic amount of children. Its surprising that a little tiny blob can have a leg, a head, gills, and siphons. Not to mention a whole restaurant on their back. Finally, a short and tasty life on their hands, but life is not too easy

Lazy Clam

A comic strip about the giant clam. The two characters are Giant Clam and Fishy.
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This diorama includes....

A clam, a jelly fish, an angel fish, coral, seaweed, a starfish, algae, and sea grass.(algae and sea grass not visible)

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Go Fish

In go fish, we went on Petsmart and Petco to search for a tank and fish. I chose the neon tetra fish, 20 gallon tank, and lots of decorations. The picture below is a neon tetra with blue and red streaks. the budget was $250 and i went up to $150, depending on how many gallons there is in your tank. I had lots of fun doing this and you can try it too.
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