Williston Schools /November 29, 2017

A Message from the Administration


by Carter Smith

I announced my retirement to the Williston staff this month, to take effect July 1, 2018.

In some of my monthly musings for the Bell, I thought I would provide some historical context to the Williston School system. If you read to the end of this article, thanks for humoring me.

I started working as a professional in Williston in September of 1979. Now that I regularly encounter second generations of students, I decided it was time to retire before children’s children's children emerge.

When I began my work there was one special educator - me. Now I supervise a staff of 20 professionals. The current renovation is my third experience with a construction project. We built a WCS addition in 1991 and ABS was completed in 1997. Marian Stroud was the principal who hired me. You can see her name on the plaque on the left upon entering WCS. (Not sure why they left out my name.) I have worked with four other principals including our current superintendent Elaine Pinckney. Elaine and I reminisced recently about her attending our wedding and our wedding reception 20 years ago.

Marion Stroud, my first WCS principal, was from England. I have thought about Marion recently as the current architects suggested color schemes for the new building. Jackie (WCS principal) and Greg (lead principal for both schools) have been involved in the process and teachers have given input. Marion took the color choices on with the passion of an interior design decorator. Her own home in South Burlington was artfully decorated. We were a smaller staff then and she hosted some social events at her home. I worried about someone bumping into a piece of sculpture or spilling a beverage on her Calvin Klein couch.

Marion was a strict disciplinarian. All she needed to do was to clap her hands in the hallway and fix them with a steely glare and the students’ comportment and posture would improve. Misbehaving in the auditorium was a mortal sin. Children needed to learn how to be a good audience - there was zero tolerance for talking during performances.

We are in the process of naming the room off the lobby in the front of the school. We refer to it as the “dining room”, which must seem strange to parents and teachers. Marion's design in 1991 was for this be a room where children “dined”. She might say, “Pigs eat, humans dine”. Thus, the original parquet floor and round tables and chairs, not long tables and bench seats. We were to demonstrate to children how to have a civilised (British spelling) meal that included quiet conversation, napkins on laps, mouths closed while chewing, elbows off the table. The dining room ceased to be used as a civilised laboratory (pronounced la BOR a tory) after Marion left and when we needed the space to house an expanding kindergarten population.

Thanks for indulging me in my pre-retirement remembrances. There is a lot of time between now and July one. So I will continue to grow and learn from my colleagues and appreciate the culture and the institution that has evolved into Williston Schools. We are shaped, especially, by our parents and students.

Maybe we haven't transformed every child into a mannerly child as defined by Marion Stroud, but there is still time!

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It’s the Wild, Wild West Book Fair at Williston Central School. Saddle up and read!

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Hannaford Helps Schools Deadline is Dec. 2

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Educational Alliance Program donates $500

Thanks to our local Taft Corners Jolley station, Williston Schools will receive a $500 donation. The Jolley station submitted an application to the 2017 Exxon Mobil Education Alliance to benefit our schools. The Educational Alliance encourages studies and careers in math and science.
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The school handbook has been updated for 2017-18.

Upcoming Events

Mon. Nov. 27 - Fri. Dec. 1 / Book Fair / WCS

Tues. Dec. 5 / Ski /Ride Info Mtg. & Fittings / 6:00 pm / WCS Auditorium

Tues. Dec. 5 / CVSD Budget Board Mtg. / 6:00 pm / Charlotte Central School Library

Wed. Dec. 6 / Intergen Reading Program / 11:35 am -1:10 pm

Wed. Dec. 6 / Meet ABS Student Support / ABS Library / 2-2:30 pm

Wed. Dec. 6 / Voyager Family Night / WCS Dining Rm. , Auditorium / 6:30-8:15 pm

Thurs. Dec. 7 / WCS Part 2 Family Night / 4:45-6:15 pm / WCS

Thurs. Dec. 14 / FAPAC Meeting / WCS Dining room / 8:15-10 am

Fri. Dec. 15 / Davison Celebration of Learning / 7:30-8:30 am

Tues. Dec. 19 / CVSD Budget Board Mtg. / 6 pm /Hinesburg Community School Flex Rm.

Wed. Dec. 20 / WCS Concerts

Mon. Dec. 25 through Tues. Jan. 2 / School Break

Wed. Jan. 3 / Intergen Reading Program / 11:35 am - 1:10 pm

Fri. Jan. 5 / gr. 5-8 Dance / WCS / 6:30-8:30 pm

Tues. Jan. 9 / CVSD Budget Board Mtg. / 6 pm / Shelburne Community School Library

Tues. Jan. 23 / CVSD Budget Board Mtg. / 6 pm / Williston Central School Dining Rm.

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