The Portable TESLA GUN


The new and revolutionary Tesla Gun is made for the sole purpose of war combat. A tower uses GPS technology to locate the gun, and then sends electricity to the gun. The gun transmits deadly waves of electricity that is focused using the particle accelerator. This may sound all gibberish at first but it is quite simple.



There are a few flaws with our design, but not very many. first of all, the target you shoot at has to be grounded to complete the curcuit, or they will not be elecricuted, nor will the gun even discharge any electricity unless it it pointing at a conductor. Second of all, in order for the tower to gain an sort of energy from the earths magnetic field, it would have to have a large closed wire ring at the top of it to pick up even a slight bit of electrical current. Also the ring would have to constantly be in motion, because a stagnant piece of metal typically won't electricute you. Finally, the ring would have to cover an enormous area just to deliver any sort of pain to the target, enormous being a few miles.The final flaw to our invention is that GPS is usually only accurate down to about 60 ft, so the tower would essentially electricute everything within a 30 ft radius.