CGA Mosaic Times

By Catherine Guo

Preparing for a Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster/Global Response Class

The Natural Disaster/Global Response class at the Mosaic summer camp is learning how to be prepared and survive the aftermath of a deadly natural disaster.

They are introduced to the necessities of survival: water, food, shelter, clothing, and oxygen. In the following days, they are educated on the formation of natural disasters, trained to create their own stoves, filter water, prepare non-perishable nutritious food of their own, and charge a phone without using a wall outlet.

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The class faces a challenge as they attempt different techniques to charge a phone, without plugging the charger into an outlet.


Students are hard at work in the classroom. Each day, they learn something new by watching videos or performing hands-on experiments.

Katherine Chen, who is going into the 4th grade, says that this is her first time at Mosaic. She would like to learn how to filter water so it’s safe to drink in the aftermath of the natural disaster. That’s what they did the very next day, using common household items to drain the liquid and eliminate bacteria. At the same time, students are learning more about severe weather and trying to ultimately reach their goal of creating a public awareness page to help others in the community survive and prepare for a natural disaster.

5th grader Melinda Munchi is attending Mosaic for the second time. She’s learned much more about natural disasters, and hopes to acquire even more information so her family and neighbors will know how to stay safe. Melinda believes there are many materials you may need in a natural disaster, and her social media page will help everybody prepare beforehand. Both students agree taking shelter in a safe area without any glass nearby is critical in the event of a natural disaster.

Connie Fralick is a returning 8th grader to the summer camp. She’s taking the Natural Disaster/Global Response class because she would like to be informed about the occurrences happening close to home, such as the recent tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, and disasters that are specific to Texas. Connie’s class has learned how natural disasters form, techniques to better prepare against them, and even how to make a homemade water filter and stove. When asked why natural disasters are so destructive, she replies “It’s like Mother Nature is taking out her displeasure on us for creating global warming. I mean, it’s not called a natural disaster for nothing.” Her Facebook page will let the general public become more knowledgeable about the natural disasters near their area.