Ozone Disappearing

Lets take care of the earth and it will take care of us

ozone depleting

The ozone is thinning, because we are putting harsh chemicals into the air. The ozone is crucial part to are atmosphere to keep us safe, containing chemicals that protects us.

save the ozone

health affects

Skin cancer and other skin disorders, Cataracts and other eye damage can occur if the ozone is not thick enough to make the rays less harmful. UVB rays can lead to many skin problems like a very dangerous one Melanoma.

world helping

Country's around the world have stopped using ozone depleting chemicals , if more and more countries do this the ozone can become healthier. We now have to help other country's get on board and start saving the ozone before it is to late.


the change in the amount of rays hitting the earth are changing the way plants are living and growing. this is linked to them dying out and effecting the entire food chain.

what you can do

the simple changes you can do in life can help

  • walk/bike places
  • turn off lights when not using
  • don't use aerosols
  • recycle
  • inform others about what they can do

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