Earn Money As A Musician


Earning money as a musician becomes very easy

Everyone needs a sufficient amount of money. There are multiple jobs that one has to do for earning money. But did it ever cross your mind that you can actually make an optimum amount of money by your hobby? If you love writing songs or are a musician than you can make a huge sum of money in just few simple steps and then you will be very rich.

What exactly needs to be done?

You just have to write some impeccable songs that can be sold. For this you can spend about 3-4 hours a day and pen down some beautiful lyrics of the song. Compose the music for the lyrics on your favorite instrument. You will undoubtedly enjoy doing this a lot. Once you are done with the composition part, all you need to do is to upload the song on a specified website that becomes the best platform for the populace to see it. Whenever any song will be sold or the whole album will be sold you will get a hefty sum of money in your mail box.

Different Licenses regarding the royalties

There are four different types of licenses or the royalities that one can get as the mail box money whenever the song written by the writer is used or performed. They include:

1. Mechanical Licenses: This royalty is paid when the song written by the song writer is sold in any form like CD, cassette or iTunes. It is about 1.3 cents per minute.

2. Performing rights: When the same song is performed on television, radio or on live concerts the performing rights are paid to the song writer.

3. Synchronization rights: If the song is used by any advertising company, the company pays an extensive amount of money to the song writers for the composition of the song.

4. Print rights: If the song gets print on some paper the print rights are sold to the company, the company in turn pays the song writer.

How much money can one earn?

creativity Earn Money As A Musician Yes you can really earn a hefty sum of money by writing a few songs. How it can be achieved is all mentioned about. There are various scales and parameters on which the prices are decided. One can earn a few cents to about 300,000$ from this occupation. So become a musician and earn a sufficient amount of money by selling off your creativity.