Online Safety

By: Olivia Helle and Hannah Miller

Our Conjecture

  • We think that cyber bullying is not good and should be stopped. You also need to be safe about what you put online.


  • There are three types of bullying, they are Verbal bullying, social bullying, physical bullying.
  • Cyber bullying is rude, disrespectful, and cruel. Consequences of Cyber bullying can be very bad. If you see this happening to someone, or to you, tell an adult and they will help you.
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Doing two things at once

  • Doing two things at once can get you in trouble and can get you hurt. When you do one thing at a time you are keeping yourself safe and the people around you safe. One type of doing two things at once is walking in public while texting. You should never do this especially around roads.


  • Some things, like passwords, are meant to be kept a secret. You should never tell anyone your passwords to keep your information a secret.
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Don't be a Bystander

  • When you see someone being bullied, tell an adult. Being bullied is not something you need to deal with alone.


  • We learned that bullying can only be stopped if you stop it. You can do this be telling an adult and stop bullying others.
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