The Road To Perseverance

Andrew Sunderlin

Personal Definition Of Perserverance

Perseverance is finishing something with a struggle because something is holding you back.
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Jackie Robinson (Description)

Jackie Robinson is a African American baseball player that wants to break the color barrier in the MLB because he wants to play. When Jackie was young he played in a league specifically for African Americans. When Jackie played in this league he thought he was to good so he wanted to play in the MLB. So Branch Rickey is the coach of the Brooklyn dodgers and he found Jackie Robinson and he asked Jackie if he wanted to play on the dodgers. Jackie played on the dodgers and when he was up to bat the fans said mean names and thew stuff at him because he is an African American playing in a mainly white league. Jackie Robinson had to persevere through these hard names said and the stuff that was threw at him. After Jackie was in the league for a while the MLB started to be more multicultural. At the same time as the league started be more multicultural the fans started to like Jackie more and they actually cheered for him and they didn't throw stuff at him and say mean names. Jackie Robinson started something that helped the MLB. Jackie didn't just help the MLB he helped people gain confidence and to show that people can stand up for what they believe in. Jackie had to venture through all the mean names said to him when he first played in the Major leagues.
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Jackie Robinson

This is a picture of Jackie Robinson up to bat
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Compare/Contrast (Jackie Robinson/Eleanor Roosevelt)

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Cause/Effect (Eleanor Roosevelt)

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Orphan Train Rider

Sandy Road (Problem/Solution)

Sandy Road is a text piece a group of merchants that are traveling across the dessert to sell merchandise to people in town for money. So what happened is that they made a fire for warmth and they used all there water to put out the fire and through it out because they thought that they were gonna be in town the next day. So the guide fell asleep so the oxes didn't know where they were going. When they were sleeping the oxes went back the way they came so they had nothing to drink and the oxes were thirsty. The problem is that they used all there water for putting out the water and just dumped the rest out. They had to adhere to find water. They really have to find water so they dont die. When they found water they put a flag near the water so that other merchants that are traveling can get water to. Also they gave water to the oxes and kept some of the water and went to town to go sell goods to the towns people.
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Sandy Road

This is a picture of the Sandy Road

Catching Kayla(Chronological/sequence)

Caching Kayla is a video about this one girl and she is diagnosed with a disease that makes it when she is running and her legs get to a certain temperature she cant feel them or control them.The first thing that happened is that she was diagnosed. The next thing that happened is that she couldn't feel her legs when she was running for the track team.The next moment that happened is that at the end of the race her coach had to catch her because she couldn't feel her legs. The next thing that happened is that she cry's because she cant feel her legs and she gets water. The next thing that happened is that she puts ice packs on her legs to get her legs back to a a temperature where she can feel her legs. The last thing that happened is that she had resilience when she lost her feelings of her legs.
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Catching Kayla

This is a picture of Kayla running in to her coaches arms at the end of one of her races.

Lessons Learned

Three things that people learn from this newsletter are. One thing that people could learn from my newsletter is that there may be something like a disability that can make that event harder. Just because there is a disability that makes that event harder you have to be tough and get through it the best you can. The second thing that someone can learn from my newsletter is that there might be someone that says you cant do it or is saying names that could bring you down. This means that don't give up when someone says something all that you have to remember is to believe in yourself. The third way that people can do exactly like them by changing there life by doing something that lets people have more freedom. What i mean by changing your life is helping people with something or just being kind and not being mean to someone. The last thing that people could learn from my newsletter is that people have to persevere through hard times. What i mean by persevere through hard times is that they have to not give up even if someone thinks you cant do it or if you yourself think you cant do it. This is what you can learn from my newsletter.
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Perseverance quote