South Carolina

Indians and the Africans in the Political Economy

The Constitutions

The Constitution provided for a representative government and widespread religious tolerance. They also embodied the traditional assumption that liberty could be guaranteed only in a hierarchical society. The constitution recognized African slavery, and Carolina was the first colony that introduced slavery at the outset. The constitution never went into full effect, for the first Carolina representatives assembly ejected many of it's provisions.
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Indians and African Economy

As Africans we knew that we was enslaved but we had no power. Here we wonderful fertile soil for the lands, and outstanding growing seasons. Every year was 295 days in year. The first settlers renamed it Charleston but before it was Charles Town. I knew everything but this was how I lived but we was the only to develop one of wealth. The supported by labor of slave in this time. When the European arrived, we noticed that the Indians wanted to trade with the Europeans. Europeans began to struggle trades, the Indians had most of the war when they started to become rivals. I would hear guns going everyday in a week. Because we worked in the economy it felt that we gave more supplies to their market and that the European market began to decrease. In this era we knew this was proprietary colony. The only thing here were to prepare, we had supporters to identify our needs. The constitution was a big part in South Carolina, I remember waking up just see what was going on with Anthony Ashley Cooper and Earl of Shaftesbury. I heard about what they wanted to establish on a new colony. But now things changed with fully liberal rights in this state.

Research from Of The People