Lady Lucy Christana Duff- Gordon

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Passenger's Personal Info.

Lucy Christiana, soon to be Lady Lucy Christiana Duff- Gordon, was born June 13, 1863 on a Saturday and, was 48 when the Titanic crashed. She was on the Titanic with her husband Sir Cosmo Duff- Gordon and her secretary Miss Laura Francatelli, even after the horrid disaster they all survived.

About The Ship,

The Good, The Bad, and The Facts

The Titanic was a massive vessel being 882 ft. and 8 in. long and 92.5 ft. wide. The Titanic was also designed to still stay afloat even if any of its sixteen water-tight compartments were flooded, that's why it was labeled 'unsinkable' but, the hull couldn't handle much something like, oh I don't know, an iceberg.Lady Duff- Gordon travelling in the, marvelous, care-free, first class. Obviously the most luxurious of class of all classes on the ship but, at the cost of 56 pounds ($85.58 in U.S money)!The room was luxurious and everything was high quality, neat and clean. Everything was done fancy even the walls with a very uncommon wallpaper for the average person, with very nice furniture, fresh picked daffodils in a vase in the table, there was even an electric heater!

The Titanic was peacfully cruising through the Atlantic when a faint shadow amerged from the murky depths, giving the most horrible welcome. 11:40 p.m. the Titanic had unsusspectidly failed its maiden voyage to New York from England, with a enormous rouge gash in the right upfront hull. At 12:30 a.m. Captain Smith orderd the llifeboats to be lowered into the bitter cold Atlantic with women and children abored first. She was put on Emergency Life boat 1 with, George Symonds, Laura Francatelli, Cosmo Duff- Gordon, Abraham Salomon, Charles Hendrikson, Henry Stengel, Robert Pusey, Edward Horswell, Samuel Collins, James Taylor, and Frederick Sheath.