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About Marco Polo

Marco Polo..Born in the year 1254 in Venice Italy, where he lived with his family as a merchant. Many months/years latter he left Constantinople searching for better profit and or trade, he went to Bukara or Uzbekistan where he traded for three years. Over time his career changed very little, from merchant to explorer/journalist. Went to Asia and was noticed by the Kublai Khan and soon became his personal aid, became his "eyes" and "ears", Marco Polo's book: Il Milione, was an inspiration to many merchants, explorers, and journalist, even the well known Christopher Columbus! !~FUN FACT; Marco Polo's book was written by an author who was locked up in jail just like Marco Polo~! During his time in Asia he was sent to places never before explored. !~FUN FACT; Marco Polo had mistaken a Rhino for the beloved mythical Unicorn~! One of Marco's achievements was taken place one the Silk Road, his achievement, was spreading news about China's creativity. He soon went back to Europe and had people realize that there was much more to trade in the far East. He returned to his home town Venice Italy where he died latter on in 1324....But to bring on a happier mood on that sad moment in this project. His impact on the world!! So basically Marco's impact on the world was based on:

His historical and cultural events that took place on Earth. What was his impact? Well I think from all the research was that his impact was based on traveling, taking on the challenge, seeing “new” things. His book was a pretty big inspiration on many explorers and merchants, even the well “known” Christopher Columbus! That draws a conclusion to what his Big Impact on the World. What do you think his impact was, sometimes you have to use your brain to think of how, (don’t use the internet for the question if you wish to answer it) Thanks!




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