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November 19, 2021

There is a half day with no extended day on Wednesday, November 24. No school on Nov. 25 and 26.

Enjoy Your Extra Time Next Week

As we approach Thanksgiving we certainly want to make a mention of how thankful we are to be in the position of working with your children every day. These next few days allow us to reflect and take a step back, and it just reinforces how lucky we are to be in this wonderful school, in this great town, and in such a well-balanced district. We hope you get a chance to hear about amazing work is happening in the classes, but we also hope that everyone gets to rest and recharge.

ALiCE Safety Walkthrough

Over the past week, students in the lower grades were informed about an evacuation drill by Mr. North and one of the SROs. Upper grades, as they have participated in these evacuations before, were shown a refresher video of our expectations and where to meet during an evacuation. Friday afternoon students took a quick walk to see the meeting point, as there is no substitute for being aware. The walkthrough was very successful, and students were back in class in a matter of 15-20 minutes.
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A Donation Box Is Located In the Office

Nurse Notes

Reminder to all parents of 3rd Graders: Your child’s physical is due. If your child has had a physical in 2021 please have a copy forwarded to the health office if you have not already done so. If your child is in need of a physical, please make an appointment with their Primary Care Provider soon. If you need a form, please call the school nurse and one will be sent home. Physicals can always be faxed to the health office at 978-827-5699. Thanks for your prompt attention!


Mrs. Flis, RN and Mrs. Shea, RN

Mark Your Calendars

Wednesday, November 24~1/2 day of school Thanksgiving

Thursday-Friday, November 25/26~NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving

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Community News

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