Oakleigh Owl News

March 2021

Message from Mrs. Metheny

Happy March! Spring is here and there is much to celebrate. We are so excited to kick off hybrid learning as of March 1st. Our first day with PS-2nd grade was a huge success. It was so good to see students and have them in classrooms. They did an amazing job following the safety procedures. We look forward to welcoming back our 3rd-5th grade students on April 6th. Please remember, if you want your child to attend face-to-face instruction, you must complete the survey which can be found in this newsletter and on our website. Once you complete the survey, information will be emailed about a start date and transportation.

As a reminder to our kindergarten families, if you child is a walker or car rider, you will need to go to the teachers back door to pick your child up at dismissal. We know this is an inconvenience, however, it was the best practice for keeping students in their cohorts and reducing possible exposure. Thank you for your understanding.

We know transportation is still refining routes and stop times. We appreciate your patience during this transition time. As students are being brought home at the end of the day, please be aware that our younger students will not be let of the bus if an adult is not waiting at the stop. Students will be brought back to school if this occurs.

Please remind your child that visiting the nurse will look different this year as we work to minimize contact with students in different cohorts. Simple things like chapped lips and paper cuts will be addressed in the classroom.

A big thank you to our PTA for their continued support during these difficult times. They have worked to keep our school community connected in many ways. You can follow them on Facebook to get updates about various PTA events.

I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate new instructional schedules and meeting codes to adjust to a hybrid learning environment. It is truly appreciated.

News from the School Counselors

Validate Feelings and Worries

路 This is all new, we are making history! It is normal and it is okay to be nervous about hybrid learning. Normalize your student鈥檚 worries and let them know that their frustrations are understandable.


路 This is a great time to re-establish routines just as you would when we return to school in the beginning of the year. Predictable routines help students know just what to expect and decrease stress and anxiety.

Talk About New Safety Measures

路 Talk to your student about what school will look like when they return. It may be helpful to point out mask wearing and staying six feet from others. Remind your student that OES teachers and staff鈥檚 number one job is to keep them safe!

Keep a Positive Tone

路 The conversations you have at home become your child鈥檚 thoughts and beliefs. Try to keep a positive tone about returning for school. Things will not be like they were the last time we were in the building, but our school family is coming back together. Coming back to school is our community鈥檚 first step towards healing.

Reach Out For Help When Needed

路 If you notice changes in behavior (sleep disturbance, inability to focus, loss of appetite, unusual mood changes) or are concerned that your child is unable to cope with the many changes we have faced over the last year, please reach out. Mrs. Bull and Mrs. Jackson will be consistently checking in with students. Please let us know if you think your child would benefit from extra support.