Misconceptions of Evolution

Humans evolved from monkeys.

Quick Facts

Humans belong to the same taxonomic family as Apes.

Humans are 98% cloely realted to Chimpanzees. Although we do not share a brain lobe with them.

Some stretches of DNA imply that chimps and humans are closest.

Chimps Orangatans and Gorillas have 24 pairs of chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs.

Two Ape Chromosomes are fused together in us!

Chromosome 2:

is the second largest chromosome formed by fusion of 2 medium sized ape chromosomes is within humans.

Apart from the fusion of Chromosome 2 there is few and little visible differences between the two species.

Guaranteed to be a controversial topic.

History and Evolution

Ten Million years ago the apes were discovered and were assumed to be our ancestor.

In 1950 according to genes it was uncertain whether or not we evolved from from apes.

Evolution works in years not generations.

To this day we have not discovered a fossil that could prove we evolved from apes.

There is not enough evidence to confirm the fact that humans evolved from apes.

Instructor: Patrick Reid

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