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How are people changed by their relationships with others?

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This caterpillar answers my question about change because of it's relationship with a tree. The tree donates some of its leaves to the caterpillar so that it can grow big and cocoon into a butterfly. Friends only want the best for their friends, even if they lose something.

Relation in My life

This question is relevant in my life in many different ways, but one that I chose was soccer. Before I met most of my teammates and my coach, I didn’t understand why working hard was such a big deal. They showed me how soccer was a metaphor for life and that working hard mattered if you wanted to get into a good college and get a good job someday. Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. In my second picture I chose my dog because my dog makes me want to be a better person. Dogs are such kind creatures, that its in their nature to put other's need before their own. Whenever I'm sad, my dog is always there for me, cheering me on through every obstacle I encounter.

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Across the Universe by: Beth Revis

This book answers the question of how people are transformed in their relationships because Elder shows Amy that living on the ship might not be so bad. Elder too feels alone on the ship, wishing for a friend or girlfriend to keep him company. When Elder wakes Amy up from the cryo chamber she hates the place and everyone there. Alone and afraid, Elder and Harley comfort her and they build a strong friendship. "'I think I might be able to live an okay life here'" (Revis 408) It is with their help that she begins a new life on the ship, leaving her old one in the past.

Unwind by: Neal Shusterman

This book does a good job of answering my theme question because at the beginning of the book, before Connor met Risa, he was a loose cannon. He quickly became angry and turned violent, almost always throwing the first punch. In a bus crash, he discovers Risa on her way to be unwound, so he takes her with him. Along the way they spark an interest in one another as Risa teaches Connor how to stay in control of his anger. Eventually he learns that he enjoys the silent use of power that staying in control grants him, "He now enjoys the exercise of silent power" (Shusterman 153), and becomes a better person because of Risa.

Everything, Everything by: nicola yoon

Book C addresses this question because of the relationship Maddy has with her mom and with Olly. Olly changes Maddy in this book in many different ways, one of which could have killed her. When Maddy heard the moving truck pull up to the house across the street, she was instantly intrigued. Eventually, she got his email address and Olly came over for a visit, and over the next few weeks, she fell in love with him. One day, Olly’s dad became angrier than usual, violently abusing him and his mom. She couldn’t stand seeing him be hurt, so she left her house to save him from any more torture. “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I have to protect him. I sprint across our grass and to the edge of the lawn closest to Olly’s house. ‘STOP!’” She risked her life to save his, and that’s how Olly changed her.

MY Poem-- "Change" by: Kathleen Jessie Raine

Said the sun to the moon,
You cannot stay.

Says the moon to the waters,
All is flowing.

Says the fields to the grass,
Seed-time and harvest,
Chaff and grain.

You must change said,
Said the worm to the bud,
Though not to a rose,

Petals fade
That wings may rise
Borne on the wind.

You are changing
said death to the maiden, your wan face
To memory, to beauty.

Are you ready to change?
Says the thought to the heart, to let her pass
All your life long

For the unknown, the unborn
In the alchemy
Of the world's dream?

You will change,
says the stars to the sun,
Says the night to the stars.

This poem addresses my question very uniquely in my opinion. Raine says in the poem, “Change said the sun to the moon, you cannot stay.” In my perspective, the sun is telling the moon that change is evident. It is telling it that you should embrace it rather than fight it. Another way I see this is that in order for a new day to come, to get on with your life, people have to change.

My current event example

My current event example is the Paris terrorist attacks. This is a good example because the terrorist attacks opened the world’s eyes to the greater evils such as hate. Countries across the globe have sent supplies and support to Paris to help them recuperate from their losses. This relates to my question because the tragedy that happened changed the other countries for the better. They started taking precautions, making sure that other countries, or themselves would get attacked again.

Special Report: Terror In Paris

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