Using Capital letters

By Janette Elizabeth Dowd Gowdy

When you are in an online venue, such as a blog or a chat room, try to avoid writing whole sentences or phrases in capital letters. It sounds like you are shouting. For instance, if you asked if someone had their homework done, you should say: did you get your homework done? You shouldn't say it like this: DID YOU GET YOUR HOMEWORK DONE? People might even be offended or misunderstand what you're saying if you use all capital letters.

Interview with Olivia Aker and Sara Grimes

"You shouldn't use all capital letters because it looks like you're yelling and you're mad at someone," said Aker, "it isn't very civilized." What Aker meant is it isn't very appropriate to be virtually "yelling" at someone. Grimes said "While some people say all capital letters can be hard to read sometimes, I don't think that because it's just like." Grimes then jumped out of her seat and made an unusual sound.

The Author

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