Mod. 7 Lesson 1 Mastery Assignment

3 Blind Mice Story Assignment By: Nina Owens

Justice for the 3 Blind Mice

This is a tale of justice to recompense for lost tails. These tails belonged to the 3 blind mice. Who would do such a thing as to cut off the tails of the 3 blind mice? Well it was the farmers wife!

One day 2 officers approached the farmers house. They politely knocked on the door and asked to see his wife. They notified her of her indictment of cutting of the mices tails and told her she was being put under arrest. They drove away down the street with the farmers wife in the back of their car. The farmer was furious.

The next day a message was delivered to the mice about her arrest. They were pleased with this information and ordered she receive a subpoena to discuss the crime in court.

The police department asked a judge to review the case. Since the farmers wife had already been taken to jail her bail was set at $3,000. This amount was much more than the farmer could pay. The crime was also issued as a misdemeanor since this crime wasn't as serious as others. The judge along with the grand jury decided that is case needed to be tried to prove guilt or innocence.

The farmer heard the new of his wife's case and was devastated. Not only were they too poor to pay the bail but they were too poor to hire a lawyer. But due to the rights everyone receives the farmers wife was appointed a public defender.

The judge contacted the 3 blind mice and the farmer couple to set an official arraignment for the case.

The day had come and everyone arrived to the courthouse, the farmers wife be escorted in handcuffs of course. The hearing started and straight off the farmers wife started a plea bargaining. She wanted to offer that she would plead guilty if her sentence was lessened or she could have an altered punishment. The judge and the petit jury agreed this would be fair since they were the ones determining her innocence or guilt. The trial went on and the farmer was called to the stand as a witness for his wife who was the defendant. The farmer stated that his wife did not cut the tails of the mice but that they lost their tails in a mouse trap accident due to their blindness. This was of course a lie and the farmers statement was a perjury since he took an oath. The judge said he had enough and so had the jury, the prosecution was coming to an end. The petit jury had came up with their verdict. They convicted the farmers wife. She was guilty! The farmer and his wife knew they had done wrong so they didn't try to appeal the case. Justice had been served.

The 3 blind mice were happy with the verdict and they could finally have a sense of peace after losing their tails so unjustly.