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All Positive - All Athletics- All Eagles - January 2022

A Message From The Athletic Director

As time continues to fly by, we are looking ahead to our final month of the winter season. Our athletes and students continue to make us proud as they represent us in a positive light both on and off of the playing surface. The support from our student sections and community at the majority of the competitions cannot go overlooked! It really has been a memorable season for our athletes and everyone involved with our teams. One of the most memorable moments in my opinion was the unified basketball game between our own Linden Eagles and the Kearsley Hornets. The students who competed in the game did a great job and everyone who was in the gym made a memory that night! For those who don't know what unified sports are, please take a minute to research it as it'll bring a smile to anyone's face. Some pictures from that night are included below.

Let's continue to make great decisions on a daily basis and finish the winter seasons strong!


Lance Belill

Unified Basketball 1-21-22

A Message From The Coaches

"It has been an exciting season so far for Linden Varsity Competitive Cheer. We earned a first place win and two second place finishes with our team of thirteen girls! In our first Cheer Competition of the season at Midland High School Invitational, we placed second with a score of 679.84 in Division 2. They also placed fourth overall out of twenty teams across all divisions.

With a score of 697.48, the second comp, and the First Flint Metro League at Linden High School we came in second, losing by 1.2 points to the winner. By stepping up and doing half of the tuck points necessary for the competition, Kaitlynrose Birchmeier won State Bank Athlete of the Week. In the third competition, Perry High School hosted the Winter Classic. The Linden Eagles won first place in Division 2 with a score of 685.94. Overall, they placed second out of 18 teams

Our team is continuing to work on voice, tumbling, and stunting skills and is looking forward to competing in the coming competitions." - Rosa Spannagel, Varsity Competitive Cheer Coach

FML Competitive Cheer Competition #1, Waiting For Results

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"The LFLF gymnastics team is half way through their competitive season. We have had 2 wins and 4 loses. Our Seniors continue to lead the team with strong scores. Maty Temrowski is our top scorer on vault with a 9.125 top score, on floor with a 9.275, and tied with Alexa Ayotte on bars with a 8.15. Avery Miller is the top scorer on Beam with 9.025. The team has qualified to compete at Regional competition and currently 10 girls have individual qualifying places on each event." Nancy Holden, Varsity Gymnastics Coach

The Anti-Athletic Eligibly List

This list is created to show off the teams who have went a week (or multiple weeks) with no student-athletes on the eligibility list during winter season. Multiple teams this season have not had one person on the eligibility list since day one.

Girls Varsity Basketball - 4 weeks

Girls JV Basketball - 4 weeks

Boys Varsity Basketball - 4 weeks

Boys JV Basketball - 4 weeks

Boys Freshman Basketball - 4 weeks

Competitive Cheer - 4 weeks

Gymnastics - 4 weeks

Skiing- 4 weeks

Bowling - 1 week

Hockey - 1 week

Wrestling - 1 week

Combining this month with last, there are still 7 teams currently in the running for an end of the year pizza party for having no individuals on the eligibility list all season, compliments of the Athletic Department!

Current Records

Varsity Girls Basketball - 9-3 (Currently 2nd in the Stripes Division)

JV Girls Basketball - 5-7

Varsity Boys Basketball - 8-4 (Currently 1st in the Stripes Division)

JV Boys Basketball - 6-6

Freshman Boys Basketball - 4-7

Bowling (Boys/Girls) - Individual scores only so far

Competitive Cheer - Currently 2nd in FML (w/ 1st place finish at an invitational)

Gymnastics - 2-4

Hockey - 15-7

Ski (Boys/Girls) - 4-0

Wrestling - 15-7 (Currently 2nd in FML)

State Bank Athlete Of The Week

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Monthly Motivation - If this doesn't motivate you to be a better person, I'm not sure what will!

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