Gender Gap In The Middle East

By Salma Doulaki

moroccan protesters after the suicide of a victim

Gender Based Laws

  • Independent Women. Women of Saudi Arabia are not allowed to travel alone or without an electronic device, until they reach the age of 45.

  • Women behind the Wheel. Females are also not allowed to drive; one of the most notorious bans there are for women, because that give them too much power

  • Women At Work. Women are not permitted to work in specific jobs, especially those that men can do. Education or medical fields are the most common fields that permit women employees.

  • Gyms for Girls. Private gyms accepting women have been closed down and schools for girls have took out gym classes and physical education activities.

domestic violence

Women were legally required to be submissive and obey their ¨ husband¨ if they're not he´s entitled to beat her and take away all of her own wealth that she owns

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