Digital Citizenship


Online Safety

  • Not everything on the internet is true nor real , don't believe everything online .
  • Never put out personal information .
  • Don't cyberbully or send inappropriate content .

Information literacy and scams

Posting things might :

  • Damage your career in the future or opportunity .
  • Ruin your reputation .
  • Get you into serious trouble .

Responsible use

  • Not everything is free when it says "Free Download" although it might not effect you now , it will come for you later in the future , this is called copyright and can be sentenced in jail .
  • Don't copy something of the internet for instant " copy & paste " this is called plagiarism , taking someone else work and claiming it yours is illegal , if you do copy and paste make sure to list the link or person from info is taken from .
  • Never post emotionally , yes its hard keeping your feelings all bottle up and wanting to explode it , though there are other ways to do so . Never ever do it on the internet , this can effect you and your reputation and the future .


Bullying is awful , but cyberbulling in general is even worst . Hateful and hurtful words and harsh bullying can make a person lead to violence,depression, and suicide . When you see someone bullying online or not , don't be a bystander , be a upstander because ...

  • Karma's a bitch , even though your not the bully just watching a victim being bully is even worst , you have the power to do something so why not ? Tell that bully to stop .
  • If you know you cant do anything but you want to help , talk with someone with the authority to do so . Don't just keep quiet .
  • How would you feel if you came home and reading stuff like " Go die " its not as easy to ignore it , people handle bad situations differently . Try putting your place in the victim's shoe . Yea that's right don't feel so good , right