surgeons rock

sticks and stones will break your bones BY: Jazmin Hernandez

Reasons why i chose this career

  • I love to help people that is in pain.

  • I love to learn new things

  • Its my dream

Training and Education

Degree required; doctoral or professional degree

Other type of training required: internship/residency


*work indoors

*In office

*type of dress for work : scrubs

*group work

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You will make about $90.00 an hour and about $187,200 per year


Some responsibilities is taking patients medical history. Also recommending and designing a plan of treatment for your patient. Lastly, you order test for nurses and other health care staff.

Job Outlook and Growth Opportunities

The growth opportunities is 21,500. the job outlook is !4 percent faster than average . In the future this job will still be important to many people


I do plan on perusing this career because I saw how much surgeons help people and I would love helping people in the future.
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