Purity is Corruption

Media Literacy

Dictionary.com described media as the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely. Media can also be described as having to do with communication as a whole. It is the gateway for data from producer to consumer. Media is used every day to relay messages to different cultures throughout the world. Being media literate is being informed and interpreting the contents of media on a deeper level. Being media literate is being able to sit down and watch an advertisement and to really break down what is really being said. The term media literate means understanding and being able to comprehend the media, which means mass communications like television, radio, movies, music, magazines and so on. It is being able to understand the messages promoted through the media and the tools of persuasion used to do so. I have become more media literate by understanding these four key concepts of media: that media constructs reality, it has its own forms, codes and conventions, it sells ideas and values messages and it is a business and has commercial interests. After understanding this I expanded my learning by looking at all aspects of the media (TV, movies, ads, radio, and so on) and learned the best ways to deconstruct each one.

Make Love Not War

AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War (Official :60)
In the Super Bowl commercial “Make Love Not War” (2014), Axe Peace, shows that even in the midst of war-like conditions the idea of love and peace still resides. Axe Peace begins with the various scenes of intimidation using props such as a mysterious briefcase, an army tank, and a helicopter-filled sky which quickly turn into heartfelt reunions and acts of love being shared between wealthy lovers. Axe uses the contrast between love and war in order to encourage their various audiences to continue to love and appreciate one another even in the worst conditions. Axe’s audience is lovers whose lives have been affected by war and also women who appreciate their partner and their little acts of love, using this emotional and sentimental tone, Axe pulls at your heart strings leaving you in a mix of passion and emotion.

Black Lives DO Matter

Sunday, Aug. 9th 2015 at 6:30am

Ferguson, MO, United States

Ferguson, MO

America’s justice system is racist. There is no other way to put it. From its racist policing built on profiling, to its war on drugs which dis-proportionally incarcerates black (and brown) people, to its sentencing laws that increase in severity if you are black, to the fact that a black man is killed by cops every 28 hours. It’s murderous and racist to its core. So when “the law” is the instrument of oppression, this leaves little recourse for communities like Ferguson.
But the logic of oppression will always place the burden for civility on the victims of oppression, never itself. In Ferguson this means restricting protesters to a few normalized avenues of addressing their grievances, which almost always are prescribed and deemed reasonable and legitimate by the very same racist legal system which kills black youth. Even then, if black Americans effectively exercise their legal rights, this too is met with brutal repression. Let’s channel our sorrow and immobility into power and action. Let’s step into solidarity to fight for the humanity and civil rights of Black people and communities. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.
Powerful Spoken Word Of The Week: The World Is Coming To An End!

We matter.

Hands up, don't shoot

I can't breathe.

These words are worldwide nowadays, yet the justice STILL isn't served.

Something has to change now or

My Reflection

When I was first assigned 12th Grade British Literature, I thought I was in for long strenuous hours learning about Shakespeare and all of his works along with the boring and confusing tasks of deciphering tone, mood, and Shakespeare’s overall meaning. Now that may sound interesting to some, but I feel that literature is deeper than that. Media literacy was not what I expected, but it went beyond my expectations. It changed the way I viewed certain subjects. I learned to not be so general and straightforward when I’m trying to figure out and explain the theme of a particular piece. I learned that sometimes the meaning of things isn't always right there in your face. This class opened my eyes to how biased media can be when portrayed to the public and left me with the decision to do my own research before I believe the first thing I hear. Every other Language Arts class that I took never focused on the current events and how they effect our every day lives. I chose this class as my favorite out of all of my years of Literature because it focused on the younger generation. Most of the older generation talk about how uninformed we are, yet they never try to teach us the correct way to be informed without being completely biased. My Media Literacy class has really changed my life in major ways and "put me on game" about the world's corruption. I wouldn't change a single thing about my experience taking this class because I felt that it was perfect just the way it was presented to me.

Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan

Pale Blue Dot

Everyone wants to be remembered in some way, but what really matters the most is how you plan on leaving that legacy . It's crazy how people seem to think the earth is the center of everything , but in reality it's only a small blue speck in what Carl Sagan refers to as a vast cosmic arena. We tend to use things such as war, violence, and greed to make this mold of what we want earth to be when the real foundation lies in the simple things such love, peace, and the unification of nations. Carl Sagan seems to protray that everything that anyone has ever done in life is all for the betterment of earth and its inhabitants only with underlying motives that derive from greed. In this video, Sagan shows us that viewing earth from millions of miles away implies how little value our existance holds and how unimportant our battles seem to be . Initially man is superstitious and places himself and earth as the center of the universe but astrology proves that there's a bigger picture than earth itself. The legacy or mark that I want to leave is simple, life is short so live it how YOU want. I've always done things how I wanted and never really cared about what the next person had to say about it. It's my life, let me make my mistakes and learn from them on my own. All I really want out of life and this world is for everyone to stop the madness and learn how to coexist peacefully.