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Why are they called lava lamps?

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  • Why are they called lava lamps?
  • Who invented the first liquid motion lamp?
  • How do liquid motion lamps work?
Have you ever wanted to know how a lava lamp worked? Or why its called a lava lamp? These few paragraphs will fill you in on all you need to know about liquid motion lamps.

Why are they called lava lamps?

The lava lamps got its name by the way it is. The "Astro Lamp",(Lava Lamp) moves in a cycle of which heated wax glows and floats around inside the lamp. The lava lamp symbolizes all things "counterculture" and "psychedelic." The lamp looks as which there is lava inside.

Who invented the first liquid motion lamp?

These super-cool lights are genetically known as liquid motion lamps. The first one was created in England in 1963, by Edward Craven-Walker. He called his creation the"Astro Lamp." United States entrepreneurs "Adolh Wertheimer," and "William M. Rubinstein," brought "Craven-Walkers,"creation to the U.S several years later.
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How do liquid motion lamps work?

The lava lamp uses a process called convection. As the wax heats up it expands, creating a greater volume so that the density decreases. This makes it less dense than the surrounding liquid, causing it to rise. When the wax reaches the top of the lamp, away from the heat source, it begins to cool down. This causes the wax to contract, creating a less volume increasing its density. The wax then becomes more dense then the surrounding liquid causing it to sink, and the cycle starts all over again.
There were so many different kinds of lamps. Edward created box lamp triangle lamps. Almost all shapes and sizes. Lava lamps are a spectacular invention. I think personally everyone should enjoy the awesomeness of the liquid motion lamp.
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