The Third Grade Gazette

The 2016 January Edition

Reading Workshop

In our next unit the students will focus on a deep study of the classic tale Peter Pan. The students wil begin the unit by analyzing narratives wih a particular focus on character, which is central to the thid grade standards. In the second part of the unit, students will practice crafting opinions and supporting reasons about a spcific questions related to Peter Pan's central characters.

Writing Workshop

In this unit the students will be learning how to write "Baby Literary Essays" through the use of reading short texts. The students will be engaged in class discussions where they will share their ideas and support these ideas with evidence from parts of texts they are reading. Specifically, the unit will teach the students to interpret, to think across texts, and to read with attentiveness to craft and its relation to the author's purpose. They will be "speaking in esays" then writing fast drafts. Then after a week or two of these drafts the students will move to writing quick "Compare and Contrast Essays", across more than one text. At the end of the unit the students will have the opportunity to use revision strategies to bring one or two favorite essays to publication.


In the next unit the students will continue with more practice in their multiplication facts. They will also review the Distributive Property, describing patterns in multiplication, practice finding multiples of ten, and finding unknown factors.

Dual Language

Students will continue the adventure with Alana and Kai as they discover Honduras. The vocabulary for this unit will focus on hobbies, school, cultural activities, and time. They will also work specifically with the verbs jugar and diverti.r

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 19th: Martin Luther King Jr. School Closed

Wednesday, January 21th: Wonderful Wednesday