Update from Hood College

April 30, 2020

Dear neighbors,

We hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this time. We wanted to alert you to some on-campus activity in the next few weeks, beginning Monday, May 4.

We had been waiting to allow our residential students to come to campus to retrieve their belongings due to Maryland's stay-at-home order. President Chapdelaine appealed to the Governor's office and travel for this purpose is deemed essential by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

We have put protocol in place to ensure the safety of our students and their families while they move out. As you enjoy our campus, please be aware of more traffic near the residence halls and follow social distancing guidelines.

Below is the information we sent to our students:

  • Frederick County requires all persons in essential businesses to wear face masks. We are requiring all students and family members to do the same during the move-out process.
  • Only two students per floor may sign up to move out in each time slot. Roommates must not sign up at the same time in order to maintain a physical distance.
  • You will have up to three hours to move out belongings.
  • You may have up a total of up to four people in your move-out party, including you.
  • For everyone’s safety, we ask that you wear your own gloves, face masks and other protective items. Also, keep at least a six-foot distance from everyone not in your moving party at all times (hallways, stairwells, etc.). To assist with this, each stairwell will be marked one way only (up or down).
  • Housekeeping staff will wipe down high-traffic areas and rolling carts in between move-out shifts.
  • Take everything and leave minimal trash behind (outside in trash cans or dumpsters).
  • You will have a key envelope taped to your door with your name on it. After locking the door, place the key in the envelope and place it in the building’s blue key drop box on the wall near the exit door in the residence hall.
  • In mid-April, residence life staff placed all mail and packages from the mail room in your rooms.
  • The Bookstore has extended the grace period for rental returns through the first week of fall classes.
  • Please refrain from going into any other room or building while on campus.

You can find all communications related to the College's response to COVID on the website at hood.edu/covid19. Stay well,

COVID Emergency Response Team