The Happy Employee

By- Zoey Blanco

Motivation= Happiness=Productivity?

Every employee has there different ways to become motivated. Employers/ Mangers need to get to know their employees very well and use different tactics to motivate them based on their personal wants and needs.

People are unhappy at work

When people are unhappy at work the employees tends to be less motivated in what there doing there are many reasons why there are unhappy employees. sometimes employees feel the pay is not fair for their skills, effort, and dedication. Sometimes job security and the job itself is the problem.

What does it mean to be happy at work?

To be happy at work is to make the best of it you may not like your current job but you can always find something to do everyday that you love, Come in with a positive attitude for your customers and your self it will make the day easy.

Workplace Motivation

Survey results

Surveyed 8 people on 5 questions about the work place

Question one was asking why are people not happy at work?

All of my results came back with workers feeling unappreciated and there work is unappreciated as well also there unable to advance in there position.

Question two what dose it mean to be happy at work?

Most of my results: enjoy what you do, work to accomplish your goals and find ways to better your self the component and positive attired

Question three if mangers and bosses try to motivate workers do they take is serious?

They said "Yes" encouragement and motivation will positively affect employees attired.\

Question four asked how can mangers make the job more fun?

They all agrees that manger should model how employees should behave and think.

Question five how can we improve the work place?

Maintain a positive attitude, set goals, make meetings fun and remember work is not all about the money.