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Daily radio usage over the past decades

Germans aged 14 and turn within two weeks on the radio. This value has remained stable over the past decade. The radio is an important part of the relevant set of media use. That has not changed supply by tamil radio the gigantic upheavals in the media offers and media use nothing. Slight decline is the daily use of the radio. Off in 2000 79 percent of Germans aged 14 and over on the radio, so there tamil fm songs are 2010 78.9 percent. This development arises in the various age groups different.
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In the 14 to 29 year old, the from 79 percent (ma 2000) to 71. 5 percent (ma 2010/ Radio II) reduced. This actual measured by the spread of the Internet in the young generation a more moderate decline and no reason to see the radio as media discontinued model. The ARD investigated tamil radio since 1997, the use of the Internet and its various offers and developments. War ten years ago in 2000, around half of the 14 to 29yearolds online, so there are now almost 100 percent. Radio is especially on a stationary unit at home by the Online or used car. Percent of online users hear within four weeks Radio on a stationary device in the home or office; 75 percent use the car radio. Percent of Internet users listen to radio on the computer or laptop.
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Even in the younger generation has not changed on the preferred radio ranking. The stationary unit (72%) and the car radio (64%) remain the most commonly used receivers. Significantly more, however, the digital refer more media of the 14 to 29 year old used for radio reception. Nearly one in five listen on their computer or laptop Radio. Even MP3 players or mobile phones, smart phones and organizers have a particular significance for radio usage. With the proliferation of the Internet, especially the tamil radio live stream of the radio in the network is more demand.
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Nearly 27 percent of all Internet users in 2010 before radio live stream part (see. Table 1). In recent years there has been slight growth here. Characteristic features of this distribution channel is the more tamil radio occasional use. 15 percent of all Internet users listen at least occasionally (monthly or less often) radio on the Internet. For everyday use routines (use several times a day/ day) this form of radio listening has become only knapp4 percent of online users. A more habitual demand of the radio via the network can not be established in recent years. This also means that improved technical conditions not necessarily lead to more demand. Radio live stream is preferably belongs tamil radio to the website of the radio programs.
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The trends in the younger generation go in a similar direction. With 33 percent of the 14 to 29yearold Internet users have indeed significantly more likely to talk live hear radio programs on the Internet, but also with them this distribution channel remains in its Radio use the exception. One tenth of this age group to listen at least weekly radio live stream; there are daily a little more tamil radio ALS4 percent. Also, for the younger generation, these usage figures for years relatively stable; an enhanced radio consumption via the internet is not evident. Despite the growth of broadband connections and the most comprehensive accounting of flat rates, the ARD/ ZDF online study in recent years shows no relevant increase in the live stream use the radios in the network.