Road To Perseverance

By: Ali Siddiqui

Their Stories

Agustin-The Paralyzed Man Who built A Flying Machine

Agustin is a man who is paralyzed leg down from Polio and has a dream to build a helicopter but can't because he lives in a mountain village in honduras which makes it hard for him to get parts to build his helicopter, the parts that he has gotten are from a waste deposit. Several people in his village think he's crazy, but a man who Agustin gave shoes to think’s he is not..

Leroy Sutton And Dartanyon Crockett

Leroy Sutton is a man who lost bot legs at a young age but that did not stop him, With his Half-Brother Dartanyon Sutton he can finally move, By hanging on the others back.

Minamoto Yoshitsune-The Man Who Survived the Most Harrowing Events

Yoshitsune was a Japanese Samurai Leader who lived in the 1100's And had to face betrayal by his brother when his brother was anointed Shogun Or leader of Japanese army, His brother saw Yoshitsune as a threat and tried to have him killed, He later died of Suicide