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Elizabeth Haddon School - Haddonfield, NJ

Reader's Workshop

By: Avery, Ben & Jack T.

Attention parents! This month in reading, the students of 4K worked on cause and effect. We continued to work on our favorite reading thing, the Choice Board, and we read the main selection. We even found diagrams and more in a very long scroll of our book. So dive into a world of reading and read on!

For cause and effect we got in to groups and we each got our own poster. It either said cause or effect and it had a picture. If it said cause you had to say what could have made it happen. If it said effect then you had to write what happened as a result of the picture.

Our main selection was called The Life And Times Of An Ant. It was about, well, the life and times of an ant. We learned about text features because the main selection was nonfiction and in nonfiction there are text features like charts, captions, and pictures. Then, partners got a very long scroll of the whole story. We had to color-code the text features and find diagrams, key words, and more! We also wrote a paragraph to answer a question at the end. It was a fun project!

We also did choice board once again. As you know, we have 9 activities to choose from. Our choice board goal is 105 activities and if we meet our goal, we would get a homework coupon. But, unfortunately, we did not meet our goal. We got 111, but they were not done well enough to count. But we got 104 well-done activities... SO CLOSE!

Writer's Workshop

Hello readers! This month in writing we finished our opinion essay unit. Here are a few topics people wrote about: pets, snow, family, animals, sports, and cousins. We transformed our essays into very long scrolls. Most of the scrolls were taller than the people who wrote them! Finally, we put sticks to make the scrolls look like they came from medieval times.

After Mrs. Kaubin taught us all we need to know, we had to write our best essay we could. Many kids decided to make the essays persuasive. The essay unit was so fun and the class is so excited to start our literary essay unit. Thank you for reading our writing!
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By: Paige, Will & Cammy

243/5=? Hmmmm... have you ever seen a hard problem like that? Well, in our new math unit we learned how to solve them. Lots of people in our class loved learning how to divide using partial quotients. Here’s an example: 500/8=62 R5. We also learned about remainders. They are the things that are left over from the problem.

We also proved that we had skills to do division by doing the performance tasks called The Lunch Menu, Earning stars, and designing a stained glass window. The performance tasks were equally difficult for all of us, but they were still fun to do! 4K likes when things are hard.. it keeps learning interesting.

Every week we do centers, too. There are 5 rotations and we do 1 or 2 a day. The centers stand for BUILD. Buddy Games, Using Manipulatives, Independent Work, Learning with Technoloyg, and Doing Math. All of the groups have a different pattern of stations. For example: the Super Solvers have BUILD, the Math Masters do U,I,L,D,B, and the Word Problem Warriors do D,B,U,I,L. Math is fun every second we have it! We just took our Unit 6 Quiz, Part 1 and we did such a good job! Mrs. Kaubin is really proud of us which makes us so happy!!


By: Kaite, Jeffery & Gabe

Have you ever thought that the world is all made of science? And rocks are a big part of science. This unit in science in Mrs. Kaubin’s 4th grade class is Rocks and Minerals. Did you know that there are three types of rocks? Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. These are the rocks of the world. Right now, we have 12 minerals that we are testing. We get to act like geologists and run tests on the minerals to be able to figure out which mineral is which later on. We've been testing the hardness of the rock, the feel, the shape, the color, the luster, the light, and the streak of them. Next up, vinegar test! Stay tuned! We will let you know which mineral is which soon.... but not yet!

Social Studies

By: Luca, Giulia & Jack W.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to emigrate from another country? Well, that is exactly what we were studying! We got to study the countries we chose to “emigrate” from. For example, Luca’s immigrant was from Italy, Giulia’s immigrant was from Romania, and Jack’s immigrant was from Germany.

At first, we got a packet where we had to write down our research about our country. We learned the difference between primary sources and secondary sources. A primary source came from the time period and a secondary source is about the time period. Once we were done with that research, we started writing down ideas for our journals. The journals are used to describe our immigrant’s experience emmigrating from their country. We wrote ten entries about our lives in our country, on the trip to the port city, our experience on the boat, and more!

After we wrote our journals and made our passports, it was time to prepare for the museum! Thursday night before the museum, we had to prepare our clothes, artifacts, and treasures. We had to act like we were actually from our chosen country. We could make, buy, or put together our outfits. Now we just had to bring our stuff to school and transform into our immigrant!

Friday was the day of the immigrant museum and everybody was sooo excited! We would get to be an immigrant and share our artifacts with lots of people! Watch the video below for more detail! Shout out to our parents who helped us do the at home stuff! We love you, parents!!

Immigration Museum '16 (1)

Typing Agent

By: Alec & Maya

In the computer lab we are working on a program called Typing Agent. It is a website where you can learn to type by typing different paragraphs and stories.

When you start Typing Agent, it is very easy. You only type words like and, then, when, and so. Then it gets harder. One level you type all 50 state names! Or if you already know how to type you can choose the option that you already know how to type.

Typing Agent sees how fast you can type so you can beat your own time. Typing Agent is very fun to do because you can customize your character and play games with other classmates. Typing Agent has games that can help you type like Battleship.

Typing Agent is a fun website that teaches you how to type and it is very fun. We all want to learn to type so we can type as fast as Mrs. Kaubin types. She types a million, billion words a minute. What's funny is we typed this!! Go us!!

Book Fair

By: Vladi, Clare & Emme

The Book Fair was super fun at Elizabeth Haddon School! Some of the most popular selling books were Pusheen the Cat, Ranger in Time, Minecraft and Star Wars books. The Book Fair took place in the science lab. Each class came at a different time. Giulia’s favorite book was Omega city. Everyone had a fun time shopping at the book fair. Family fun night was on Thursday. There were coloring books and journals, too. Preschool and kindergarten came in and made wish-lists. Teachers recommended books and students could buy them. Students could look through teacher's folders to see what books they wanted the most. Here are some students favorites. Gia in preschool got the Barbie music player book. Luke in preschool liked the Pokémon books. Here are some recommendations. Mrs. Kaubin recommended the book Junction of Sunshine and Luck. There was also a bookmark selection. 4K loves reading and new books!

Valentine's Day Party

By: Charlotte & Matt

Valentines candy, cards, and CHOCOLATE!! It’s the Lizzy Haddon Valentine's Day Party. The room parents brought in lots of cool stuff. For example, we had a chocolate fountain. It tasted so good. We also made thumbprint hearts. Mrs.Kaubin was so excited when we made her thumbprint flowers on a poster board for the classroom. We made her cry. Oops!

One of the activities was making owl and monster bags to hold our valentines in. Another one was making our thumbprints in heart shapes. The last activity was eating strawberries, pretzel sticks, and marshmallows with CHOCOLATE!!!! Then it was time to go home with all the candy in our hands. Our valentine’s day party was awesome. We had a lot of fun. Thanks to all of our wonderful room parents for throwing such a cool, chocolatey party!!

International Food Festival

By: Erin & Holly

Hello! We have been working so hard for our Immigration Project. Giulia, Jack, and Luca told you a little bit about it before our article. So, after the museum in school, we had an Immigration Food Festival. An Immigration Food Festival is a festival with food from our country. Erin and I came from Ireland and I brought Irish soda bread. People brought a lot of delicious food. It was in the APR at 6:00 at night on Friday night. Since the beginning of the food festival, it's been the best night ……. Until it all had to end and I was upset but I know it will be a memory I'll never forget!

After I set up my Irish soda bread, I went to look around. I saw, pretzels, perogies, cake, fried dough, cookies, and lots more. I ate so much, and it was so good. I don't mean to brag, but I am so excited for other people who are in fourth grade in the future. It will be so much fun!! Especially with Mrs. Kaubin!!!

Community Meeting

By: Mac & Matthew

This month we had a community meeting, like we do every month at Lizzy Haddon! First we learned a new greeting from 3M. It's called "Hit the Floor." Next, 4L presented their opinion essays. They were great! Then, Mr.Bissenger handed out the word-of-the-month Helpful awards. It works like this... Mr.B picks one 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grader from each grade who have been helpful that month. After that, some people from our class shared a page of their social studies journal. And finally, we sang our new, awesome school song!

Fun with our Buddies

By: Mrs. Kaubin

We see our buddies in 2M about once a month. This month, we spent Valentine's Day morning with them to make special cards for special people in our lives. We love getting to learn and work with our second grade buddies!

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