Let r' Rip

Sean Barrett

I want to dedicate the songs that I grew up with such as "You'll be in my heart" to my mom, dad and sister. Just the Christian songs and that because growing up with it. The rest I want to dedicate to my girlfriend Victoria, my best friend Austin and really me because I love music and I'm probably gonna make a mix tape out of this. Those are all mine and Austins theme songs, as well as a couple of those being important to us wether seriously or funny (Victoria and I). But the rest are all my current favorite songs.
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Im in a Hurry by Florida Georiga Line: 2:51

Me and everyone I know is in a hurry on a day to day basis and has something to do all the time. We never really slow down and just enjoy life.
Florida Georgia Line - I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why) [Feat. Alabama]

100 by KB feat. Andy Mineo: 3:38

Give it your all, 100 percent.
KB - 100 Feat. Andy Mineo - OFFICIAL VIDEO (@kb_hga @reachrecords)

I Love Rock n' Roll by Joan Jett: 2:55

I just Strait up love Rock n' Roll. I mean this song not only has all the aspects of rock but you can sing along to it and it would be pure truth.
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - I Love Rock N Roll

Chase by Tedashii feat. Tim Halperin: 3:30

Just a beautiful down to earth song "Chase your heart not your hand". Makes me want to cry but I don't do that.
Tedashii - "Chase" ft. Tim Halperin [Below Paradise]

Adoration by Newsboys 4:19

This is a very awesome song about adoring Christ.
adoration, newsboys

New Again by Brad paisley and Sarah Evans : 6:21

I love everything about this song it is really hard for me to describe. I am getting to sing this at the Easter drama this and this is one of those very emotional songs about the day Jesus was crucified.
New Again by Brad Paisley & Sara Evans

I Am by David Crowder Band: 4:05

I love this band a lot and this is really one of its best songs that I enjoy to listen to often.
Crowder - I Am (Lyric Video)

I'm Still a Guy by Brad Paisley: 4:12

Have to say this right here is pretty much my relationship in a song haha but I love the girl.
Brad Paisley-I'm Still A Guy

Dirt by Florida Georiga Line: 4:54

This is one of the best songs ever and the freaking thing is about dirt.
Florida Georgia Line - Dirt

Give me a Sign by Breaking Benjamin: 4:18

This song is great to just jam out to and never seems to get old. It's one of the ones I love for myself no one else.
Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign

Thunderstruck by ACDC: 4:53

This is my freaking theme song I honestly would not mind this being played at my funeral.
AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Never Surrender by Skillet: 3:29

This song reminds me every time I listen to it that I don't need to give up as well as the fact that its a great rock song.
Skillet - Never Surrender [Music Video]

I'll Never Let You Go by Steel Heart: 5:12

My dad introduced me to this song and it has literally became one of my favorite songs.
Steelheart- I'll Never Let You Go Angel Eyes

Bite My Tongue by Reliant K: 3:28

I gotta keep quiet sometimes haha sometimes I run my mouth way too much.
Bite My Tongue-Relient K

Anywhere With You by Jake Owen: 3:30

I would honestly follow my sweetie pie Victoria anywhere in the world but China and Antartica because I don't like those places.
Anywhere with You - Jake Owen Lyrics