Death Cloud By Andrew Lane

Timeline By Megan Rawe

Event 1: Prologue

In the Prologue, a orphan boy by the name of Matthew Arnatt is wondering about in the town of Farnham. While searching for food he sees a mysterious black cloud and hears a scream. This provokes Matthew and he runs away.

Event 2

Sherlock Holmes is called to the headmaster's office while at the Deepdene School for Boys. There he is informed by the headmaster and his older brother Mycroft that Sherlock's father was stationed by the military in India. Mycroft tells him that because their mother is unwell, Sherlock has to stay with his Aunt Anna and Uncle Sherrinford.

Event 3

Sherlock arrives at the house of his aunt and uncle. Mrs. Eglantine, the housekeeper, informs Sherlock that " He is not welcome here". After a couple days Sherlock is not happy with having to stay at the Holmes Manor. Mrs. Eglantine was always watching him and lurking in the shadows. While sitting outside he meets Matthew or Matty Arnatt. The two become friends and Matty tells him about the mysterious dark cloud. Also while hanging out they see inside a carriage and see a man who looks practically dead.

Event 4

Sherlock gets an American tutor named Amyus Crowe.

Event 5

During one of his lessons with Amyus Crowe, Sherlock finds a dead body on the Holmes Estate. He sees the same cloud that Matty saw surrounding the body. He observes a yellow powder around the body and takes some to examine later.

Event 6

While Sherlock is trying to figure out about the body he discovers a warehouse which is somehow connected to the body. He overhears the criminals talking about " a baron" and the man who died apparently "stole trousers and clothes from us." The yellow powder substance is connected to the reason of the death. The criminals burn down the warehouse and Sherlock almost dies. Sherlock uses his wits and escapes the burning warehouse.

Event 7

Sherlock and Matty go to another town to talk to a expert in exotic diseases. Although they had a small run through with the criminals they made it there regardless. There Sherlock learns that the yellow substance is bee pollen.

Event 8

Sherlock returns home and meets Amyus Crowe's daughter, Virginia. Sherlock got in trouble by his aunt and uncle. His punishment is that he can't leave the house unless he is with Amyus Crowe.

Event 9

Sherlock gets a letter that lures him to a fair despite his punishment. There he is forced to participate in a boxing match against an extremely muscular opponent. After being knocked out he is kidnapped, tortured, and interrogated by the unseen Baron Maupertuis. Matty rescues him and on the way out they see tons of beehives. The two return and inform Amyus Crowe and Virginia. All four of them travel to London and try to locate the Baron.

Event 10

After arriving in London, Crowe tell Virginia to stay in London while they travel to an unsafe town. There they separate and Sherlock is chased by the Baron's minions. After burning down a whole tunnel, Sherlock escapes from the people chasing him and finds Virginia who snuck out dressed as a boy. He and Virginia end up on Baron Maupertuis' boat. There they are drugged with a chemical that knocks them out and they are taken to France.

Event 11

There in France Virginia and Sherlock a questioned by the Baron and his enforcer, Mr. Surd. Sherlock ends up telling the Baron everything he knows about the case. He explains that the Baron was having his minions make military uniforms with bee pollen in them. The bee pollen attracts extremely aggressive bees that kill the military soldiers. The men that died were working with the Baron and stole the clothes to sell but ended up being attacked by bees. The big "death cloud" was just swarms of bees. The Baron ends up exposing himself and you learn that he used to be a military soldier in the British army. He followed orders and ended up being injured and was trampled by horses breaking all his major bones. This is why he hates and wants to kill the military. His servants have to control his whole body with wires. The Baron is a living puppet.

Event 12

The Baron realizes that Sherlock knows too much and decides to kill him. The Baron attacks Sherlock and Mr. Surd attacks Virginia. Despite his injuries, the Baron is a master sword fighter. Knowing he can't win on his physical ability, Sherlock uses his wits to outsmart the Baron. He tangles up and cuts the wires supporting the Baron. Virginia knocks out Mr. Surd. The two escape and meet up with Matty and Amyus Crowe.

Event 13

The group splits up again and Matty and Sherlock go to stop the release of the bees. There they find Mr. Surd. After a fight, Sherlock ends up killing Mr. Surd by shoving him into a beehive. The two throw flammable pollen into the air and burn the place down.

Event 14

They return home and get some rest. After waking up Sherlock talks with Matty and Crowe about some things. Sherlock glances out the window and sees a carriage. Inside is a sickly looking man..... The Baron.