The Bully

Timothy McDaniel

Man vs. Man Conflict

Man vs. Man conflict is when one character has a conflict or problem with one or more other characters.

"You gotta stop, Tyray. You been pushing people around for to long. It ain't happenin' no more. Now why don't you apologize to Miss Bea and help clean up the mess you made", Darrell said.

"So whatchu gonna do about it, little man?" Tyray scoffed.
This conversation between Darrell and Tyray shows the rivalry between the two guys.


Anxiety or Apprehension resulting from an uncertain, undecided, or mysterious situation.

"Me and my boys got plans for this evening, and we need money," Tyray added. " I got no money on me", Darrell said." I spent it all on these oranges." Tyray whipped out a knife and held it up to Darrell's face.

This line shows suspense, because the reader has no idea what Tyray will do with this Knife or what will happen next.


when and where the story takes place.

"Darrell's first look at California was of a desert rimmed by the chocolate-colored Laguna mountains."

This statement tells where Darrell is and where the story takes place. It also shows what is around Darrell as he first arrives to the setting.

Dynamic Characters

Someone that undergoes an important, internal change due to the actions in the plot.Darrell Was a short smart kid, from Philadelphia who did not know how to handle himself when began to get bullied when he moves to California. Darrell was under complete control of his bully and did whatever he wanted Darrell to do. Darrell knew that e would have to stand for himself, so he began to do wrestling. This Made him stronger physically and mentally, and he was able to overcome his fears, and stand up to the bully and take him down.

This statement shows the change that the main character went through in this story.