Innovation Celebration

Understanding the Process of Innovation

An innovation is something new that can be tangible (like an invention) or intangible (like an idea). You will develop an understanding of contributions individuals have made to society over time. You will find that the following elements are essential to innovation: a persistent and curious individual, a need or wish for the innovation, research processes, and a creative idea.

Mother Necessity

What innovations or inventions would make your world a better place?


Students will meet these goals in their explorations:

  • Develop the essential skills of logical thinking, creative problem solving, intellectual risk taking,

    and communication

  • Make connections across disciplines

  • Identify a need

  • Create an original idea or object that satisfies a need or addresses a problem

  • Investigate whether or not the innovation already exists

  • Test the innovation, make modifications, and draw conclusions

  • Keep records and document progress

  • Relate scientific methods to real life, including ethics

  • Identify criteria for an innovation and tell how the innovation meets them

  • Generalize about innovators and the creative process