Global Warming's Deadly Affects

By: Benjamin Breeding

Health Affects

  • Incremental rising of unhealthy air and water pollutants which will cause respiratory diseases
  • Enhancing the spread of disease due to changes in temperature, rainfall, heat waves, and other extreme weather
  • Longer allergy seasons because of the earlier and longer spring seasons
  • Pathogens in animals will spread quicker and humans will suffer from the diseases when we come into contact with them

World Issues


Slowing down and preventing global warming is as easy as riding your bike or walking to places more often instead of using your car. Along with saving money, you decrease the amount of air pollutants which stops the thinning of earths atmoshpere. Also, you can take part in programs locally within your communities so that you can become more knowledgable. If everyone in the world knows how to end global warming, we can make one big step together to solve this worldly problem.


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