Hay Meadow

By: Gary Paulsen

You should really read this book!

This book is great for people who love books with a lot of nature and unexpected twists and turns.

It might get a little sad once or twice but it is a really good book!

About Me

I am age 10,

and I am also in fifth grade,

(and last) my name is Cadence H.

The author of this book is by Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen (to me) would be the most coolest author that I have read so far.

The only thing is, Gary Paulsen doesn't wright for any certain age group, he just wrights to wright.

wich is kind of a good thing to me because he always includes all the right details.

I bet that you will love this book!

Gary Paulsen

If you don't know what Gary Paulsen looks like,

then here's a picture. ---------------------------------------------------->