Hosted by Environmental Club

Let's celebrate Earth Week with us by RECYCLE your stuff :D

You are a senior...
Or you are cleaning your room to go home this summer.
You find out that you have a lot of useable stuff that you want to give away...
Or you just want to exchange your old stuff that you haven't touched for years for new ones.
This event is JUST FOR YOU!!!!!!

Giant Barter and Swap Meet or "Mottainai"

Friday, April 26th, 5:30-7pm

Bell Quad

"Mottainai" is a Japanese term, referring to wasted and wasteful efforts and actions, activities, time, souls, talents, emotion, minds, dreams, and potential. It is also translated as "What's a waste!"
Mottainai festival is celebrated in many countries in Asia. It's a day when people can bring their old and unused stuff to exchange for new ones that they need.

What's Giant Barter and Swap Meet or "Mottainai" day at Randolph College?

You bring your unused stuff to this event, and we will help you exchange for something that you need :D
If you just want to throw your stuff away, we will help you send all of them to Goodwill, so that someone in this country can find your stuff useful.
Let's show your love to the environment by recycling your stuff!
Don't throw your unused stuff to the trash bins cause someone in this world may need it ;)