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October 12-16, 2015

Team Manager Training

Saturday, Oct. 24th, 9am-1:30pm

Carson Elementary School, 2100 S. Bus. 287

Please let me know if you will be able to make it. This is a great training for 1st and 2nd year team managers. We are very fortunate that our regional director comes to us for this training. Most of the trainings take place in Lewisville.

Instant Challenge of the Week

Click on the google drive link below to open the instant challenge of the week.

Practice Week 3

Competitive teams definitely need to pick their challenge this week.

Rising stars teams need to being brainstorming and making an outline of their challenge.

All teams - continue to work on team building and practice the Instant Challenge.

Carson Teams - our program materials have arrived. I will deliver them to you during practice this week.

Regional Newsletter

October 9, 2014


One of the most important aspects to managing a new team is to help your team members get to know each other’s strengths and talents. Every team member has something to contribute. While it may seem preferable to have a team of like-minded and similarly skilled kids, you will find that a variety of interests and strengths, if managed well, is preferable in the long run.

Training will address teambuilding issues and ways to recognize and use your team members’ personality types and skills. There are also different ways to categorize your team members:

  • 4-Quadrant Personality Styles – True Colors, DISC (Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive and Cautious). There are many other, similar methods of categorizing personalities.
  • Extrovert vs. Introvert – Do you think verbally or silently?
  • Explorer vs. Developer – do you think out of the box or push the boundaries of the box?

Your Roadmap will also have an inventory activity to help determine your team’s specialties and interests. The trick for team managers with new teams is to learn how to use this information to help your team members understand each other. The TVNC website will have some useful materials about how to use this type of information.

Teams also go through stages of development:

  • Forming – characterized by reserve and politeness, with kids dealing with issues of inclusion.
  • Storming – characterized by competitiveness, arguments, stubbornness and need for attention.
  • Norming – characterized by interaction and ability to reach quick agreements.
  • Performing – characterized by emerging team identity w/team members willing to sacrifice for success.

Of course the goal is the Performing Stage, but all teams move back and forth between stages at various times, often depending on what they are working on. Team managers are challenged with recognizing the behaviors and learning how to deal with them in productive ways.

Returning Team Manager Training – there is still plenty of room in this training sessions scheduled for the 17th, 12noon – 4:30pm. It is a fun, interactive training session for returning, competitive team managers. No Rising Stars and no 1st year TMs. See Calendar tab at

Upcoming Events and Dates (more information at

October 17 – Intro Training for New Team Managers – Competitive & Rising Stars. Returning team managers are welcome.
October 17 – Returning Team Manager Training – Competitive team managers with at least 1 year of experience managing a team. Held at the ESDC following IC and RS training.
October 24 – Decatur Training for All Team Managers – intended for all TMs in the Decatur area and west. Held at Carson Elementary.
October 29 – Creativity and IC Training – Competitive team managers, RS are welcome. This training is held concurrently with Rising Stars training in separate rooms.
October 29 – Rising Stars Training – for RS TMs only. This training is held concurrently with Creativity and IC Training in separate rooms.
November 7 – Repeat of the above sessions.
November 17 – Solving/Understanding the Challenge. The training will have a fun, interactive session on how to understand a challenge, followed by breakout sessions for each challenge. Competitive TMs. Rising Stars TMs are welcome, but there will not be a breakout session for the RS challenge (covered in RS training.)

Check out this website: Understanding Your Team Challenge & Bonus Tips

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