Come and enjoy a creative way of live

Tokyo's treats

Rice lovers Japan is inviting you to a world of joy.Rice is more important than money, the more rice your land produced the wealther you are.Rice is included in all three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.Rice is also used to make food like cake, patties and makes wine called sake.japan uses rice for everything (not literally) if you like ice you will LOVE Japan.

Creative way of live

Japan is very diverse and has everything.People have lived on the islands of Japan for 30,000 years.For survival Native Americans hunted bears,deer, caught fish and collect nuts and berries.Rich japanese bought expensive clothing, houses, art and ceramics.People in Japan many believe in buddhist.Japan has something for everyone even for people that have never been to Japan before.

Fun stuff in Japan

What to see something your eyes never laid sight on come and see some marvels that the world comes to see in Japan.Theater originated from Japan.Theater thrived in Japan 10,000 years ago.Now their are many types of stages and theater plays.Masks were important in theater because back then women could not act on stage.Today people use puppets for live danger acts.The puppets require three people to operate.Japan also has bullet trains,one of the fastest trains in the world.From old time theater to most advanced trains Japan has it all.

Places we thought were myths

Where is a amazing place to find stunning building.Answer:JAPAN.Temples are visited year round for there stunning structure.Shinto shies are worshiped as as god guilds,Komniu stand on top of this towering arch,statues of dogs or lions.Japan also has castle now used as museums.Buddhist temples are worshipped all the time.Japan has everything.

Related communication

Japanese is a mix of chineze and korean with slightly diffrent spelling and meaning.Kanji is the language that is both writen and spoken in Japan.The Kanji alphabet has more than 5000 letters and each letter has more than one meaning depending on the tone of the person saying the word, the conversation like what the last person said and what the next person said in return.My edvice personally if you consiter going to Japan i think a personal translater whould solve a lot of problems. 

Japan is very nice

Japan is very sunny has little rain on land due to being close to the equater.Speaking of equater Japan has very nice and warm plesent days all year round.Warm winds blow in from the Pasific and Indian oceans allowing great beach weather.Spring and Fall are most reconmended for all the activites in Japan.


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