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Fourth Grade

Social Emotional Learning

  • Homelinks sent home weekly

  • Parents and students work together

  • Parents sign at bottom of sheet

Access more information by following this link:

Mindfulness and Responsive Classroom

Mindfulness is about
  • being present
  • paying attention to our surroundings
  • paying attention to our mind without getting carried away by it
  • focusing on being curious and kind to ourselves and others
Mindfulness helps
  • calm and focus students
  • improve memory and comprehension
  • build empathy

Responsive Classroom is an evidenced-based approach that brings together SEL and Academics throughout the day in a strong school community setting

Behavior this year:

  • Moving to a principles approach to classroom management.
  • Emphasis on each student valuing a strong and positive classroom culture

Elements of our behavior plan this year:

  • teaching desired behaviors through interactive modeling
  • reinforcing Growth Mindset
  • children are responsible for their behavior
  • logical consequences
  • reflection sheets
  • allowing students to own their own problems
  • building resilience - hurting and struggling are part of gaining wisdom
Emotions and the Brain
Mind the Bump - Mindfulness and how the brain works

Standardized Testing

Benchmarks - First District Feedback

Writing - Tuesday, November 15

Math - Monday, January 9

Reading - Tuesday, January 10

STAAR Tests - Prepared, but not scared

Writing - Tuesday, March 28

Math - Monday, May 8

Reading - Tuesday, May 9

4th Grade TEKS- This link will take you to TEA Website. Elementary TEKS are listed as subject areas with all grade levels included. Click on subject area then scroll to grade level.

Language Arts

  • Thematic Units built around novels and other literature.
  • Integrated writing experiences in many genres.
  • Each class works on or above grade level.
  • Every student will have opportunities to apply their learning in creative ways above and beyond standard curriculum.
  • L.A. will include computer lab and library.


  • Major units of study
  • Hands on investigations
  • Cooperative learning
  • Done in Homeroom classes

Science Fair - December 7th - 9th

*GT Designated Children must complete a Science Fair Project and Reflection Project*

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Social Studies

Different Strands of Social Studies







Cooperative learning

Texas Studies Newspaper - will come home regularly

We emphasize primary sources and documents

Primary Sources - documents/items created by the people at the event and offers an inside view.

Understanding the big picture of how and why events took place. Not a lot of date memorization.

Texas History and Your Family

Texas Survey
  • helps students know how the settling of Texas happened
  • The Story of Texas and their family
  • instructions to come via LivingTree

Family Research Project

  • personal interview of oldest relative
  • hard copy of directions in November

* Connects students to their own history

*Keep an eye out for instructions on Living Tree

Field Trips

  • McKinney Roughs - Parent Drivers - Sept. 30th
  • Bullock Texas State Museum - AISD Bus - Dec. 5th
  • San Antonio - Charter Bus - March 8th
  • Laguna Gloria - AISD Bus - Date TBD
  • Pioneer Farms - Parent Drivers - Date TBD

* Dates are on LivingTree calendar

Living Tree/Tech

Living Tree will be our main way of communicating with parents.

*Daily Summary Option

*Phone/Email Notifications - If not check in at least once a week

*Pinning Posts

PLEASE activate your account if you haven't done so already. If you need any help or have any questions, please email:,, or ask Ms. Perkins.

*Please look for our Living Tree Posts this week for more detailed information*

Chromebooks- Used in class - Google Classroom

* Google Student Account - AISD Cloud Log in - Watch Living Tree for instructions

Enrichment Fees

Fall Enrichment - $35

Agendas - $5

Fiesta and Texas Independence Day Party - $4

McKinney Roughs - $10

Bullock Texas State History Museum - $9

Laguna Gloria - $4

Pioneer Fair Craft Supplies - $3

This does not include the processing fee to pay with a credit card online. Please visit to pay your 4th grade enrichment fees!

Spring Enrichment - TBD

San Antonio on Charter Buses

Pioneer Fair Celebration

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Opportunities in and out of classroom
  • Watch LivingTree for requests
  • Contact homeroom teacher if interested
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Fourth Grade Team

Left to right in picture:

Taylor Cowan -, RM.105

Samantha Sambola -, RM.106

Sally Hunter -, RM.101

Beth Finkle -, RM.103

Lauren Reilly -, RM.102

Tiffany Perkins -, RM.104

Lisa Bachman (Not Pictured) -, Portable 508, A-15

Thank you!