Will you ENGAGE me?

The Rules of Engagement PD Series

A collection of our resources...

Session 2: How do I feel?

EMOTIONS are a crucial part of ENGAGEMENT! Keep student emotions in check by...

  • Using effective pacing
  • Incorporating physical movement
  • Demonstrating intensity and enthusiasm
  • Using humor
  • Building positive relationships in the classroom

Ms. Evans - Making Photosynthesis Fun

Have you ever considered making a video for your students? Not your style? No worries - YouTube has a parody for almost every topic you need to teach! Learning can be fun!
Photosynthesis / Respiration Song

A few more video links...

Bueller Video

Dead Poets Society Video

Session 3: Am I interested?

Ways to promote student interest in your class...

  • Using Games
  • Showing Relevance
  • Novelty/Weird & Unusual
  • Creating Contraversy

Session 4: Is it important?

1. Connect to life experiences and interest using Comparison & Analogy Tasks

2. Connect to personal and professional goals

3. Encourage application of knowledge:

  • Decision Making
  • Experimentation
  • Investigation
  • Problem Solving

And, other Session 4 "Take Aways"...

Try Prezi for your presentations

Providing students with "choices" for assignments