Teen Suicide

Tips of knowledge and to help.

The Leading Cause.

The #1 leading cause in suicide is untreated mental illness. This could include but is not limited to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. Most suicide also leans towards things that maybe happening in personal life like being bullied, cyber bullied, trauma between friends and family, etc. Extreme pessimism can also form suicidal thoughts, but this pessimism can come. From recent events in life including school, drugs and alcohol.


If You're Thinking of Suicide you Should...

Avoid solitude. Solitude can lead to having lonely thoughts and have negative results. Try to surround yourself with as many friends and relatives as possible and have a good time with happy thoughts. Another thing you should do is think about who you might be affecting with your choices. You could potentially affect friends and family with the decisions you're making.

With Suicide...

You have to realize once it's done it's done. There is no coming back from the choice you've made. You can always try to turn things around. Past decisions can be fixed and future decisions can be made. Make better choices in life and have a happy result. You have to remember how much better it can get.
It Gets Better (Suicide Prevention)