Forest Hill Senior Newsletter

January/February 2022

Message from the Principal

We were all blind-sided by the resurgence of Covid and its Omicron variant. Many holiday plans were cancelled and, unfortunately, many within our community were afflicted by the virus over the holidays. Since we have returned to in-person school we have had very few cases. I credit the strict vigilance of our parents, staff and students for doing everything in our power to keep us all safe. As a reminder, if your child or someone at home has symptoms, your child cannot come to school, even with a negative rapid Covid test. Everyone is to stay home for at least 24 hours, the person with symptoms is to retest the next day. If your child has a negative test and his or her symptoms have diminished, they are then allowed to return to school. Last week you would have received Rapid Test Kits for you to use should the need arise.

Thankfully there is life beyond Covid: next week our gym will be taken over by Jungle Sport apparatuses. This is courtesy of our Home and School committee and your generous donations. Our students will have 3 gym periods to participate in Jungle Sport. The afterschool Soccer Program also resumes on February 15. If your child is registered in the program, please see the email you would have received from Genevieve Marleau on January 27 with your child’s schedule. In March the Physical Education team has also planned for a week of skating at the Sports Complex the week of March 14. Parent volunteers will be welcomed. Stay tuned for more details.

Peace Pals: In December, the grade 6 Leadership team was working on a project to start Peace Pals for the cycle 2 morning recess. Now that we are allowed to resume extracurricular activities, they will begin to implement their project!

We would also like to request that, if at all possible, you provide your child with headphones or earbuds (no Bluetooth). These are used when students have to access various digital tools such as Google Read and Write and during Music class.

Promoting Kindness

November 13th was World Kindness Day. In grade three we have been learning about, brainstorming and practicing acts of kindness. It is wonderful to see how simple acts of kindness can change someone’s whole day and transform the classroom. We are challenging all of our students to choose kindness everyday. The students put their creativity and kind ideas into words by writing an acrostic poem.


In December, the grade 4s, 5s, and 6s had a Show Off day! What talented children!

Grade 3 Music

In Grade 3 music, we have been learning about abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky.

Thought to have had the condition known as synesthesia, Kandinsky was able to hear music emanating from his brushstrokes as he painted. The colours and shapes he created literally rang out to him.

We listened to the story “The Noisy Paintbox”, a book that was inspired by Kandinsky’s childhood; and have been using our laptops to explore the Kandinsky experiment on Chrome Music Lab. It has been a joy to watch the students dive in, and wholeheartedly unleash their creativity.

En 3e Année

Les élèves de 303, 304, et 305 ont eu la visite de l'auteure Annie Groovie.

Les classes 301 et 302 auront leur visite virtuelle le 11 février.

Un grand merci à notre bibliothécaire Tina d'avoir organisé, pour une deuxième année consécutive, cette amusante activité bien appréciée.

An Introduction to Making Junk Journals

Through a generous grant from the ArtistInspire Network, our grade 4 and 5 students participated in the workshop:


Junk journals are made from an assortment of new and recycled types of papers. Our students learned how to make a cover for a junk journal, create pages for it, and embellish these pages. These useful and attractive books are great papercrafts. Our students used 'found' and recycled materials that can be gathered from around school or home. Their creations can be used for journaling and other types of writing, drawing, storing keepsakes, and more!.

Our students discovered that making their personal journals. can be creative, useful, environmentally friendly, and fun!

Grade 5: Chez-Soi, The Meaning of Home for Habitat for Humanity

C’est avec enthousiasme que les élèves de 5e année se joignent aux classes de partout au Canada pour participer au concours Le sens d’un chez-soi pour appuyer l’organisme Habitat pour l’humanité Canada.

Dans sa 12e année, le concours Le sens du chez soi invite les élèves de partout au Canada à soumettre un poème ou un essai qui donne leur définition d’un chez-soi. Depuis 2007, plus de 80 000 étudiants ont participé au concours Le sens d’un chez-soi. Grâce à ces mots inspirants le concours Le sens d’un chez-soi a amassé plus de 1,7 millions de dollars pour construire partout au Canada des maisons destinées aux familles ayant besoin d’un domicile adéquat et abordable.

Chaque inscription se traduit par un don de 10 $ à leur organisme local d'Habitat. Nous avons décidé de participer cette année pour que les élèves aient l’occasion de faire une différence dans notre collectivité. Ils prendront conscience de l’importance d’avoir accès à un domicile abordable et sécuritaire tout en construisant un chez-soi pour de futures familles Habitat.

En 5e Année

Les élèves de 5e année ont appris l'électricité ce mois-ci: circuits ouverts et fermés, conducteurs et isolants. Ils ont lu et expérimenté afin de mieux comprendre ce concept scientifique.

Devoirs et leçons pour élèves TDAH

L’Association des parents PANDA de Vaudreuil-Soulanges (PANDA-VS) présentera, le 28 avril à 19h, une conférence virtuelle gratuite portant sur «DEVOIRS et LEÇONS pour élèves TDAH». Voir le lien ici.

Indoor vs Outdoor Recesses

We had some very cold days in January, where our students could not go out for recess or the outdoor recess was shortened due to the risk of frostbite. Although students are making the best of their indoor recess, we recognize that being outside, breathing fresh air and being able to run around and play in the snow is much more fun. We remind students to come dressed appropriately for those cold winter days. Snow pants are essential in order to play in the snow!
HR 401 is dressed for Winter!

2nd Covid Vaccination Clinic

Our Second Covid Vaccination clinic is scheduled for February 10. If your child is to receive their second Covid vaccine at school, please be sure to send in the permission form as soon as possible.
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February 2: Grade 6 Grad Photo Day

February 2: Subway Lunch

February 4: FHSR Ped. Day - School closed to students/Daycare opened

February 7-11: Jungle Sport

February 9: Pizza Lunch

February 11: DQ Ice Cream

February 14: Board-wide Ped.Day - School closed to students/Daycare opened

February 17: SQ Presentation on Cyberbullying for grade 6 students

February 17: Parent-teacher Interviews via zoom as of 3:45pm

February 18: Ped.Day-Region 1 Day- School is closed to students/Daycare opened

February 22: SQ Presentation on Cyberbullying for grade 6 students

February 23: Anti-Bullying Day

February 23: Pizza Lunch

February 25: DQ Ice Cream

February 25: Home and School Theme Day: Sportswear/Olympics/Team Canada

February 28 - March 4: March Break - School is closed to all students and staff

March 7: School reopens to students and staff

March 14-17: Skating at Sports Complex