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Fashion in the 1920s


Roaring 20s fashion

Jazz Age

Immigration after WWI


Ku Klux Klan



Great Migration

Golden Age of Sports

Golden age of sports

Chicago Black Sox

1920s sports --> boxing

Invention of the Automobile

Invention of the automobile

1920s --> automobiles




Jazz Age

Influence of jazz

Louis Armstrong "Dinah" 1933

Political Scandal

1920s --> scandal (look under the subjects in GVRL for more specific info)

Teapot Dome

Political scandal

Corruption --> political



18th amendment


Organized Crime

Organized crime

1920s --> organized crime


Corruption --> political


1920s Economy and The Great Depression

1920s --> economy

Great Depression --> causes

1920s business and economy


Woman suffrage

19th amendment

1920s --> suffrage


1920s --> Hollywood

1920s --> film --> theater


Silent movies

Keaton, Buster

Chaplin, Charlie

Charlie Chaplin - The Lion's Cage

Central Magnet Library

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