By Gillian Gates

How do they happen?

Floods happen when the land can't hold any more water. The land is like a sponge. It can only hold so much water. The cause of flooding is the rain and the body's of waters. Floods mosty happen in the springtime because there is a lot of rain. A flood can also happen by a tsunami.

Where do they happen?

Mosty where floods happen is in Louisiana. There are other places where floods can happen too. I remember when I was in 2nd grade there was a flood in my classroom so me and my classmates could not really go back in the classroom because of the flood.

What change do they cause?

The change do they cause of living near body's of water is that you will most likely lose your home. The city that you live in most likely again get washed away. But the good part is that most homes are bilt up really high so you can live somewhere safe from floods.

Positive things about living near where a flood can happen

There are lots of ways to have a great time when flooding is not happening. You can go near the body's of water and go for a little dip. You can also go on a boat ride (if you have one!) There are a bunch of ways to have fun with out having to worry about floods when you live near a body of water.

How can we reduce the impact on homes?

We can reduce the impact on homes in a bunch of different ways. Some ways are to build dunes, sea walls and other things. Some homes are built on top of really strong poles so they porbloy fall or get washed away.

Some fun facts about floods

These are some interesting facts about floods.

1: Floods can cause sikcken people

2: Floods can be up to 20 ft. high!

3:Floods can come from tides, earthquakes,tsunami, and dams

4:Floods can cause landslides,and makes transportation impossible