Christina Tiernan

All About Me!

Best education experience:

My best educational experience was the time I spent in a first grade classroom two semesters ago. I loved how enthusiastic the teacher was about teaching and how she incorporated all types of visuals to go with her lessons.

Important People- My entire family, my friends, my dog Brandy, my classmates, J.K Rowling, and all of the children in the daycare where I work.

Why I Major in Early Childhood Education:

Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to be a teacher. My first experience with "teaching" was when I was chosen to leave my classroom during part of the day, go to the special education classroom, and take the students with special needs to lunch and talk to them while we all ate our lunches together. It made me feel like I was making a difference for a worthy cause, and was the deciding factor on me becoming a teacher.

What I want to learn in this course...

I have never considered myself a creative person when it comes to art, so I would love to learn different strategies on how to include different types of art in the classroom. I have always loved singing, so I would like to learn different ways on how I can integrate singing into a lesson.