Letting Ana Go

Sydnee Heiden


"Letting Ana Go" is a journal kept by a teenage girl; she starts writing her Journal as a food diary, for Cross-Country. Every girl on the team had to keep a food diary. The food diary consisted of them tracking what they were eating, and tracking how much they were exercising. Jill, one of the narrators friends, finds an app that they can track what they are eating and they're workouts on they're phones. So the food diary ends up becoming a journal.

The narrator best friend Jill was using the calorie tracker, as well as the narrator. Jill started limiting the amount of calories she was using, and would eat hardly any thing. Jill ended up talking the narrator into restricting her calories too. Her and her best friend ended up loosing a lot of weight. The narrator is taking this diet way too seriously, because of a guy, Jill's brother, Jack. The narrator and Jack end up in a relationship.

What happens to the narrator, and Jill? Do they kick their food addiction? Or do they suffer medical problems from the damage they are doing to their bodies?


Narrator- Is a high school teenager. She is an athlete that has a promising future in track.

Jill- Is the narrators best friend. Jill talks the narrator into restricting her calories.

Jack- Is Jill's brother and the narrators boyfriend. When he finds out that the narrator is sick he only wants the best for her to get better.

Rob- Is Jacks best friend, and Jill's boyfriend.

Vanessa- Is one of the narrators friends. Vanessa tries to show the narrator that people are noticing that she is not eating. She tries to help the narrator, but the narrator just takes the help as an insult.

Geoff- Is Vanessa's boyfriend, and one of Jill's friends.

Narrators Mother- Works at the local hospital, and is recently divorced.

Narrators Father- Is a car salesman, left the narrators mother, because of life habits. A few months later he had a girlfriend (coworker).

Favorite Passage

"Its a nine-hour drive to Lake Powell. Jill's dad rented an SVU so large I'm not sure how were going to make it with out stopping for gas every twenty-nine miles. Rob and Jack were firmly ensconced in the back seat when they rolled into our driveway this morning at5:55 a.m. They were both wearing noise canceling headphones, and their heads were obscured by flat-billed baseball caps with NBA logos and gold stickers proclaiming the size still affixed to the bills. They looked like extras from a music video."

This is my favorite passage in this story because, the narrator got invited to go on a week trip with her best friends family to Lake Powell. While on vacation she had a blast. The narrator and Jill hung out all weekend with Rob and Jack. They just laid around and floated in the lake. it was the best week of the summer for the narrator, because it is where Jack and her started dating. This trip is one reason why she really started restricting her calories.

Letting Ana Go - Anonymous


Letting Ana Go is a good book. At first I thought it was going to be a horrible book, because it started out as a food diary. But as I continued reading it, it became a really good book to where I couldn't put it down. By the end of the book I was crying. It is a good book for teenage girls to read.


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