How are people transformed

by their relationships with others?

City of Ashes

Book One in this series is about a girl named Clary. She is introduced to the shadow world; a place of vampires, werewolves, fairies, and demons. She meets a shadowhunter named Jace who she falls in love with. In Book Two, (City of Ashes) Clary and Jace find out they are brother and sister. They are forced to forget their love they feel for each other.

Before Jace met Clary, he was never afraid. He also had never been in love. When Clary comes into his life, he instantly falls in love with her. Then they find out they are brother and sister. Jace must push away the feeling of love, but he can't, and he is afraid of that. His own love for Clary will destroy him inside out.

Quote from Book

"'The greatest fear in Jonathan's life is the love he feels for his sister'" (388).

This quote from City of Ashes is when Jace (Jonathan) sees Agramon. Agramon is a demon that takes the form of your worst fear. When Jace saw Agramon, he was in the form of Clary...dying.

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This quote from City of Ashes helps answer the theme question because Jace still loves Clary. He is afraid that if Clary dies, he will be broken. Deep down in Jace's heart, he is begging it not to break. He feels as though it is his job to protect Clary. If he fails, it is all his fault. He would be the cause of Clary dying, he would be the cause of this broken heart.

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