Jacksons Presidency

good guy or bad guy

The Spoil System

Once Jackson was president people would come up to him asking him for jobs. If he knew the person and was close with them they could get jobs of power. Many people like it but it is a disadvantage to some people because the may be more qualified than the person who actually got the job. It influenced many presidents after him.

Trail of tears

Jackson forced the Indians out of their homes. They had them go on a sad and hard trip to Oklahoma. Also many Indians died along the way. It was very tragic. The conditions were very harsh, and many people got sick from the conditions. 16,000 went on the trip and 4,000 of them died.

Nulification crisis

congress put a tariff on exported goods. South Carolina tried to nullify it but ended up not being able too. South Carolina threatened to secede but congress agreed to lower the tariff or South Carolina would get forced by Jackson and the military. They either had to pay the tariff or get forced to. They ended up paying.
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Cherokee Vs. Jackson: Political Cartoon

This cartoon shows the fight that the Cherokees put up against Jackson and Georgia. In the cartoon, The Cherokee leader is tied down and the white men are hurting and invading him.

letter to editor

Dear Editor,

I am very upset with Jackson!!! He put this terrible tariff on all imported goods so now I have to pay all this extra money and I am not happy. I own this plantation that I have already spent a lot of money on and i will not and cannot pay this tariff. I have decided to get people together to nullify it.

Sincerely, Plantation owner

Letter to editor

Dear Mr. Editor,

I am very happy with the situation going on in our country right now. Not only do I get to vote but I also get a say in my Goverment. I hope that this lasts forever and the that more suffrage will be opened up to other things like woman, or African Americans. Thank you so much President Jackson.

Sincerely, poor farmer