Nathan Taylor

The Boston Massacre

All about the Revolutionary war

I am going to tell you all about the Revolutionary War and why the colonist want to brake free from Britain. Great Britain had no more money to pay for the war they had just won so they thought lets tax the colonist.The king thought that it was alright because he let them go over there and they need to pay him back. so they tax the colonist on there tea and other things like windows and stamps for the news paper. The king also made laws without the colonists being a part in it. The king also made a rule that if a solder need a place to stay he would kike you out of you bed. The colonist got vary angry. So the side no taxation with out representation. So they had many protest like the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. They all took place in the Revolutionary War.

All About the Boston Massacre

All About the Boston Massacre

In this I will tell you all about the Boston massacre and what happen. Also why it happen and when it happen. I will also talk about why the king sent over the troops.

The king was vary angry about the all of the tea getting dumped so he sent over 4,000 troops over to to Boston as a army. The colonist were not vary happy about that so they. they would ties the guard and also though snow balls that had sticks and small rocks. the britain could not attack because caption Preston did not give the order. One day a bunch of school boys came over and said come on just shoot us the guard did not acknowledge the school boys. Soon after a hole mob was there. One of them yelled fire and the guards thought it was an order from there caption so they shot in to the crowd of people. 5 people died from this event. To this day no one knows if it was a mistake or if they meant to fire.

Paul Revere

I was ridding on my horse I was going so fast it was almost like there was a fan right in front of me.I screaming and yelling so loud that i though i would lose my voice. my horse was panting every step of the way. A few other men were riding on horse back with me. we were all yelling i could not here out of my ears people woke up right away and got ready for the red coats. i herd that they were going to Lexington

"That is were we are going to worn John and Sam."

"Hey nick are cold yet"

Ya freezing, I can hardly fell my face are we almost there i complained

"Almost there boys"

A few hours later

"Here we are boys we need to find Paul and John "

"i will work on that"

"we have sam and john we need to get out of here lets go i herd two gun shots i knew i got shot in the lag i was ridding on the back of the horse i fell of i was left to die.

Essay on Paul Revere

A huge part of the revolutionary war was Paul Revere midnight ride Paul went to worn that the British were coming another reason is why Paul revere is important to the revolutionary war is because he went to a lot of battles finely if it weren't for Paul revere history would be change

Paul Revere went to go worn people the British were coming! Paul went on many rides the most well known one is the midnight ride. Paul Revere rood through Boston Philadelphia and Lexington. Paul Revere went over six rides in Boston. The person that assign him all his missions is Dr. Warrent. Paul would ride through Lexington yelling the British were coming the minute men would come out and per par for battle.