We Just Got iPads Now What?

Quick Start Guide for the Classroom

Think About Some of the Following Class Procedures and Policies:

  • Set up a charging station in your classroom with a surge protector, container, and hand sanitizer close by
  • Create class job(s) specific to iPads - who is going to make sure they are all plugged in at night? Who should distribute and collect them? Do you want students to be troubleshooters?
  • Create a system so that students know who gets to use the iPads when
  • Give your iPads a number - maybe use the school assigned number, which can be found under the Settings (or on the home screen)
  • Create a sign out sheet that you keep near the iPad charging station, or assign students to use a specific iPad, so they know which one they used to start projects
  • Create a list of teacher approved apps and websites students can use when on the iPads
  • Create and post a list of expectations for how the iPads will be used and how they will be kept safe (proper use of headphones, how to work together etc)

Some Quick Manuevers in ios7

  • Single press the round button - to return to the home screen from any application
  • Touch the bottom of the screen and swipe up - to access the brightness controls (you can conserve battery life with lower brightness control), sound level, wireless indicator, airplay (to share on airserver or another application), bluetooth, and orientation lock (this would be for if you don't want it to flip every time you turn it)
  • Touch the top of the screen and swipe down - to bring up your search box
  • Double Press the round button - to switch back and forth between applications that are open - the open applications will show in slide view, and if you swipe left or right, you can scroll through those that are open. To close applications, press on the application then swipe your finger up (this will also help to preserve battery life)
  • Press on an app and hold it until it wiggles, then drag on top of another app to create a folder. Once you have created a folder, you can name it and click and drag more apps into it

Check Out These Resources!

"iPads in Education Daily" by Jon Samuelson follow him on Twitter @ipadSammy

"My Tackle Box" at John Stevens' Time to Set the Hook - follow him on Twitter @Jstevens009

What next?

  • Make it a goal to learn about 1 new app a week and how you can use it with your class
  • Did you find an app you want on the iPads, for our district, submit the app request through FTIS Help Desk - linked on your desktop
  • Schedule time every other week to meet with other teachers and talk about what is working and what is not
  • Follow people on Twitter who post about iPads - Jon Samuelson @ipadSammy, Matt Gomez @mattBgomez, John Stevens @Jstevens009 and the hastag #edtech would be a good place to start building your iPad in the classroom PLN
  • Follow boards on Pinterest that are dedicated to iPads in the Classroom http://www.pinterest.com/jwagnerccm/elementary-lab-ipad-apps/ and http://www.pinterest.com/heidinelt/library-ipad/